Grade 6 MTAP Reviewer Set 2

This is the second set of Grade 6 reviewers for the MTAP Math challenge.

1.) What is the greatest common factor of 3 and 10?

2.) The sum of two numbers is 26, their difference is 12. What are the numbers?

3.) A large cube is formed using smaller cubes as shown below. In the figure, how many cubes cannot be seen?


4.) Bimbo is twice as old as Miko. The sum of their ages is 54. How old is Miko?

5.) In a telephone poll, 24 persons said that they like to jog on a Sunday morning and 18 persons said that they prefer to stay late in bed. What is the ratio of the number of persons who like to jog in the morning to the the total number of persons in the poll?

6.) What percent of 50 is 23?

7.) A bag is with price tag 840 is marked 15% discount. What is the discounted price?

8.) What is the equivalent of 3/8 in percent?

9.)  The average of 6 digit numbers is 70. If 75 which is one of the numbers is subtracted from the sum of those 6 numbers, what is the average of the remaining 5?

10.) Two circles are inscribed in a rectangle. If the radius of the circle is 3 cm, what is the area inside the rectangle not occupied by the circles? Use \pi = 3.14

11.) The sum of two numbers is 12 and their product is 32. What are the numbers?

12.) What is \frac{3}{5} of \frac{5}{8}?

Problem of the Week: The number 25ab where a and b are digits is divisible by 6. What is the largest possible value of a + b?


  1. 1
  2. 19 and 7
  3. 8 cubes
  4. 18 years old
  5. 4:7
  6. 46%
  7. 714
  8. 37.5%
  9. 69
  10. 15.48 sq. cm.
  11. 8 and 4
  12. 3/8

Problem of the Week Answer: 17 (solution soon)



  1. thanks a lot..sana makatulong sa akin ang mga question na `to..


  2. Correction!!! The answer in the problem of the week should be 17 instead of 15.

    – According to divisibility rule, divisible by 6 must be divisible by 2 and 3.

    25ab, since it should be divisible by 2 then our one’s digit must be the largest even number which is 8.
    25a8, the other condition is that it should also be divisible by 3. In order for us to make it divisible by 3 we must add all the digits (2+5+a+8) then check if it’s applicable to divide by 3 if so, it’s divisible by 3.

    2+5+a+8= ?
    -What must be the largest number that you will put in “a” to make it divisible by 3?
    the largest number is 9

    2+5+9+8 = 24
    -divide it by 3 if so, it’s divisible by 3


    So, 2598 is divisible by 2,3 and 6.

    The question is largest value of “a+b”. Since we already know the largest number for “b” and largest number for “a” then we can get the largest value of a+b.

    a+b = 9+8 = 17


  3. Thanks guys. Nabago ko na. You are right.


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