2015 Grade 3 MTAP Math Challenge – Division Orals

Below are the 2015 MTAP Math Challenge Division Oral Competition questions with answers for Grade 3 pupils.

Part 1 (15 seconds) 2 pts each

1.) What is the smallest whole number that can be rounded to 1500?
Answer: 1450

2.) Two hundred thirty five is 65 less than what number?
Answer: 300

3.) What number gives 540 when subtracted from 10000?
Answer: 9460

4.) What is 125 more than 8 times 15?
Answer: 245

5.) What is the smallest whole number n to make n/11 improper?
Answer: 5/11

6.) What must be added to 5/7 to get a sum of 2?
Answer: 1 2/7 or 9/7 

7.) What is the second greatest factor of 36?
Answer: 18

8.) Five days before yesterday was Wednesday. What is today?
Answer: Tuesday

9.) One piece of lumber was cut to 1-meter long pieces. Six cuts were made. How long was the lumber?
Answer: 7 meters

10.) How many weeks are there in 4 years?
Answer: 208

11.) Eighty-five guests need to take the elevator to the auditorium. The elevator can hold 9 guests at a time. What would be the least number of the guests in the elevator on its last trip?
Answer: 4

Part 2 (30 seconds) 3 pts each

1.) The fractions 5/9 and 30/n are equal. What is n?
Answer: 54

2.) Give the sum of the first 3 common multiples of 2 and 3.
Answer: 36

3.) What is the greatest number than can exactly divide 36, 60 and 24?
Answer: 12

4.) The perimeter of a rectangle is 34cm. The length of the rectangle is 12 cm. What is the area of the rectangle?
Answer: 60 sq m

5.) Karen reads a booklet. The digit “3” appeared 8 times in the page numbers. How many pages are there in the booklet?
Answer: 33

6.) Anna earned P 7, 200. She gives her mother 1/5 of this amount and spends 1/6 of the money on the groceries. What fraction of her earnings is left?
Answer: 19/30

Part 3 (1 minute) 5 pts each

1.) When Tomas multiplied a number by 1 ½, he got 90 as an answer. However, he should have divided the number by 1 ½ to get the correct answer. What is the correct answer?
Answer: 40

2.) When it is 5 o’clock in the morning in Manila, it is 8 o’clock in the morning of the same day in Sydney. Elsa took the Manila-Sydney flight that departed from Manila at 11 p.m. on a Friday. It takes 8 hours to fly from Manila to Sydney. What time and day in Sydney is Elsa’s expected arrival?
Answer: 10 am, Saturday

3.) The perimeter of a rectangle is 20 meters. If the measure of each side is a whole number, how many different areas in square meters can the rectangle have?
Answer: 5

4.) A woman spent two-thirds of her money. She lost two-thirds of the remainder and then had 200 pesos left. With how much money did she start?
Answer: Php 1, 800

5.) Three apples weigh same as 18 eggs. Two pineapples weigh as the same as 36 eggs. How many apples weigh the same as three pineapples?
Answer: 9

6.) Insert operation symbols between the digits to make the equation work: 2 4 3 1 = 23
Answer: 2 x 4 x 3 – 1 = 23


1.) What are the next two numbers in this pattern? 2 ½, 3, 3 ¾, 4 ½, ___, ___
Answer: 5 ¼, 6

2.) Mila and her sister start playing tic-tac-toe at 7:40am. School starts at 8:25 am and it takes her 15 minutes to get to school. What is the longest amount of time Mila can play with her sister?
Answer: 30 minutes

3.) I am thinking of a number. I add 17. I double it. I subtract 6. I halve the number. I get 20. What’s my number?
Answer: 6

Do or Die

When Anna, Bella, and Carla compared the amount of money each had, they found out that Anna and Bella together had Php 1, 250, Bella and Carla together had Php 1, 830, and Anna and Carla together had Php 1, 060. Who had the least amount of money, and how much is it?

Answer: Anna. Php 240.

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