2015 Grade 2 MTAP Math Challenge – Division Orals

Below are the 2015 MTAP Math Challenge Division Orals for Grade 2 with answers.

Part 1 (15 seconds) 2 pts each

1.) One hundred fifteen is how many more than 95?
Answer: 20

2.) What number is 14 less than 1,000?
Answer: 986

3.) When 2, 028 is divided by 5, what is the remainder?
Answer: 3

4.)What is the next number in this pattern: 245, 254, 263, 272, ___ ?
Answer: 281

5.) How much is 2 twenty-peso bills and 3 ten-peso coins?
Answer: Php 70

6.) There are 9 rows of chairs in the audio-visual room. Each row had 8 chairs. There are also 8 chairs set up on the stage. How many chairs are there in all?
Answer: 80 

7.) Buboy and Girlie made 18 paper planes. Girlie made half as many paper planes as Buboy. How many planes did Buboy make?
Answer: 12

8.) There are 42 roses in the flower arrangement. Beside every 6 roses there is 1 candle. How many candles are there?
Answer: 7

9.) How many days are there between January 1, 2015 and April 30, 2015?
Answer: 118

10.) The product of two numbers is 24 and their difference is 5. What is the sum of the two numbers?
Answer: 11

11.) Ella found ¾ of a pie in the refrigerator. She ate one-half of it. What fraction of the whole pie was left?
Answer: 3/8

Part 2 (30 seconds) 3 pts each

1.) Chris and Mona each had 20 pieces of marshmallows. Chris ate 1/5 of his marshmallows. Mona ate ¼ of her marshmallows. Who had more marshmallows left? By how many?
Answer: Chris by 1.

2.) Annie played chess with her sister. She won 3 times as many games as she lost. Annie won 6 games. There were no ties. How many games did Annie play?
Answer: 8

3.) Mark bought a toy for Php200, sold it for Php300, bought it back for Php400 and finally sold it for Php500. How much money did Mark make or lose?
Answer: Php 200 gain

4.) The length of a rectangular field is 80 meters. Its width is 20 meters. Rony ran around this rectangular field 5 times. How many meters did he run?
Answer: 1, 000

5.) It takes 10 minutes for the pupils to plant 5 flower plants in the school garden. If the pupils start planting at 9:00 in the morning, what time will they finish planting the 25 flower plants?
Answer: 9:50 am

6.) In a math contest of 10 problems, 5 pints was given for each correct answer and 2 points was deducted for each incorrect answer. If Nancy did all 10 problems and scored 29 points, how many correct answers did she have?
Answer: 7

Part 3 (60 seconds) 5 pts each

1.) Juan has 3 pieces of wood with a total length of 36 decimeters. Two of the pieces have the same length while the other piece is 8 decimeters long. How long is each of the other pieces?
Answer: 14dm

2.) Anna had 36 candies. She gave Ben 1/3 of her candies. Then she gave ¼ of the remaining candies to Carlos. How many candies were left with Anna?
Answer: 18

3.)What number multiplied by itself is equal to the product of 6 and 24?
Answer: 12

4.) If 20 is added to one-third of a number, the result is double the number. What is the number?
Answer: 12

5.) Using the digits 2, 3, 4 and 5, form two-2 digit numbers that will give the greatest product. What are these two-digit numbers?
Answer: 52 and 43

6.) Two owners of a pet shop, Rico and Roger, agree to divide the fish in an aquarium. Rico took 12 of the fish. Roger took 22 of the fish and paid Rico Php 1, 500. How much is one fish?
Answer: Php 150


  1. I am a 4-digit number. One of my digits is 5 and the rest are zeroes. Write the number word representing me.
    Answer: five thousand.

  2. Mother bought a dozen eggs. She cooked 3 eggs for breakfast. What parts of a dozen eggs are left?
    Answer: 3/4

  3. Gino has 63 marbles while Gary has 27. How many marbles should Gino give Gary so that they will have equal number of marbles?
    Answer: 18

Do or Die

A team is made up of Grades 1, 2 and 3 pupils only. Seven students are grade 1, five students are grade 3, and one-third of the entire team are grade 2. How many pupils are on the team?

Answer: 18

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