Below are the 2015 Grade 4 MTAP Math Challenge Division Oral Competition questions with answers.

15-second question (2 points each)

1.) What is the value of (19 – 2 + 4) ÷ 3 × 2?
Answer: 14

2.) What is the 50% of ¼ of 60?
Answer: 7.5

3.) Express 0.45 as a fraction in simplest form.
Answer: 9/20

4.) Three apples and a glass of water can make 2 glasses of apple shake. How many apples are needed if you want to make 12 glasses of apple shake?
Answer: 18

5.) What is the next term in the sequence: 2, 3, 6, 11, 18, 27, ___
Answer: 38

6.) If 6 boys can make 12 boxes in 3 minutes, how many boys are needed to make 120 boxes in 1 hour?
Answer: 3 

7.) The perimeter of a rectangle is 400 cm. If the width is 125 cm, what is the length of the rectangle?
Answer: 75 cm

8.) Alice has Php 130.00 and her brother has Php 45.00. After their uncle had given each of them as equal amount of money, Alice had twice as much money as her brother. How much did their uncle give them each of them?
Answer: Php 40.00

9.) Three kilograms of mangoes cost Php 126.00 while 5 kilograms of guavas cost Php 175.00. How many kilograms of guava can you buy if you have Php 187.00?
Answer: 3kg

10.) When the clock reads 3:30, what kind of angle is formed by the hands of the clock?
Answer: Acute

11.) How many different prime factors do 180 have?
Answer: 3

30-second question (3 points each)

1.) The cost of a canned juice decreased from P 120 to P 105. What fraction of the original price is the amount of decrease?
Answer: 1/8

2.) The length of a rectangle is 2 more than twice its width. If its perimeter is 22 cm, what is its length?
Answer: 8 cm

3.) Maria and Sonia started with different numbers. Maria kept adding 5 to her number up to the fifth time. Sonia kept adding 7 to her number also up to the fifth time. The difference in the sums that they got is 8. What is the sum of the numbers they started with?
Answer: 12

4.) A box of 50 ml toothpaste costs Php 37.00 and a box of 115 g bath soap costs Php 28.00. Dab received a change of Php 5.00 for the Php 200.00 that he gave the cashier for the boxes of toothpaste and boxes of bath soap that he bought. How many boxes of toothpaste and boxes of bath soap did he buy?
Answer: 3 boxes of toothpaste and 3 boxes of bath soap.

5.) The average of four numbers is 47.5. Ten is added to the sum of the four numbers and the new average is computed. What is the difference between the old average and the new average?
Answer: 2.5

6.) There are 32 red ballpens and 56 blue ballpens in a box. When the same numbers of red ballpens and blue ballpens were added in each respective box, the ratio of red ballpens to blue ballpens became 7:11. How many ballpens were added in all?
Answer: 20

1-minute question (5 points each)

1.) A jar is 3/8 full of water. When 3 liters of water were poured into it, it became three-fifths full. How many liters of water can the jar contain?
Answer: 13 1/3 liters

2.) For short rides, a regular tricycle fare costs Php 8.00 for the first kilometers and Php 1.50 for every additional kilometer. Ms. Santos received a change of Php 8.00 for the Php 50.00 that she gave the driver for her fare and for those of her two friends. How many kilometers did they travel?
Answer: greater than or equal to 5km but less than 6km

3.) The clock reads 3 o’clock. What is the degree measure of the angle formed by the hands of the clock?
Answer: 90 degrees

4.) Observe the sequence below: 4, 11, 18, 25… What is the sum of the first 15 terms of the sequence?
Answer: 795

5.) A box weighs 3 guavas. The same box weighs 5 apples. If an apple weighs 210 g, what is the weight of a guava in grams?
Answer: 350

6.) A salesman has a basic salary of P 25, 000 a month. He has a commission of a 5% on all sales over P 50, 000. How much did he get in a month when his sales amounted to P 250, 000?
Answer: P 35, 000

Clincher Question

1.) In a quadrilateral, if the 4 angles are congruent, then what kind of angles are they?
Answer: right angles

2.) Counting numbers from 1 to 100 are written. What is the difference in the number of times the digit 7 appears in the tens place and in the ones place?
Answer: 0 or none

3.) The cost of a book increased from P 95 to P 110. What fraction of the original price is the amount of increase?
Answer: 3/19

Do or Die 

A dress was sold at 10% discount. When not sold, it was sold again at another percent off. If the total discount was 14.5%, how many percent was the second discount?

Answer: 5%