2015 Grade 2 MTAP Elimination Questions with Answers

Below are the 2015 Grade 2 MTAP Elimination Questions. I will post the solutions of selected items later. Also, if time permits, I will redraw some of the figures.

1.) Mina, Vina and Mona had lunch together. Each girl ordered the P84 lunch special. Mina agreed to pay the bill. How much did she pay?
Answer: 252

2.) Nano and Milo went fishing. Nano caught 5 small fish and 3 big fish. Milo caught 3 times as many fish as Nano. How many fish did Milo catch?
Answer: 24 fishes

3.) Dianne’s bedroom has a bed with 4 legs, four stools with 3 legs each, and three chairs with 4 legs each. How many legs are there in all?
Answer: 28 legs

4.) Mother baked cookies and put them in 12 small boxes. She placed 8 cookies in each box and had 4 cookies left over. How many cookies did she bake?
Answer: 100 cookies

5.) Lorna, Sanet and Irene bought 12 candles each. However, because of the hot weather, 5 candles melted. How many candles did not melt?
Answer: 31 

6.) What is the tens digit in the sum of 528 and 875?
Answer: 0

7.) In the figure, more squares are added until the last column is 10 squares tall. How many squares are there in all?
Answer: 55 squares

Grade 2 MTAP Eliminations questions

8.) Kay and Debbie had the same number of pens. Kay gave Debbie 4 pens. How many more pens does Debbie have than Kay does?
Answer: 8 pens

9.) What number multiplied by itself equals the product of 6 and 24?

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 3.34.41 AM
Answer: 12

10.) In a box there are 4 smaller boxes, each one of which contains 4 even smaller boxes. How many boxes are there in total?
Answer: 21 boxes

11.) A box holds 4 dozen glasses. One-third of the glasses were broken. How many glasses were broken?
Answer: 16 glasses

12.) Mark is 8 years old and his dad is 35 years old. In 20 years, how many years older is Mark’s dad than Mark?
Answer: 27 years older

13.) How many numbers between 325 and 564 end with 0.
Answer: 24

14.) A group of kids sit in a stadium to watch basketball game. Counting from the aisle, Juan is the 7th, and Pedro is the 18th. How many kids are between Juan and Pedro?
Answer: 10 kids

15.) An even number, between 10 and 20, is multiplied by 9. The product obtained is less than 110. What is the number?
Answer: 12

16.) Andrew has 4 boards. Each board is 5 m long. He needs 3 m of board to make a bird feeder. How many bird feeders can Andrew make?
Answer: 6 bird feeders

17.) Mike is reading a book that has 168 pages. If he reads 8 pages a day, how many days will it take him to finish the book?
Answer: 21 days

18.) The recipe for a dozen cookies calls for two cups of flour. Ella is making 42 cookies. How many cups of flour should she use?
Answer: 7 cups

19.) The product of the two numbers is 144 and their difference is 10. What is the sum of the two numbers?

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 3.35.32 AM
Answer: 26

20.) Two numbers have the sum of 15 and a product of 44. What is the bigger number?

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 3.36.23 AM
Answer: 11

21.) Two numbers have a difference of 5 and a quotient of 2. What is the smaller number?

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 3.37.08 AM
Answer: 5

22.) A total of 37 candies are placed in 7 jars. Each jar has a different number of candies. No jar has exactly 4 nor 6 candies. No jar is empty. What is the greatest number of candies that any one jar can have?

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 3.38.13 AM
Answer: 11

23.) Cathy had a sum of money. She spent 1/5 of it in September, ¼ of it in October and P120 in November. After spending these amounts of money, she still had P540 left. How much money did she have at first?
Answer: P 1,200.00

24.) The perimeter of a rectangle is 30 meters and the measure of each side is a whole number. How many rectangles with different shapes satisfy these conditions?
Answer: 7

25.) One side of square A is three times the length of one side of square B. How many times greater is the area of square A than the area of square B?
Answer: 9

26.) In the diagram, there is an equilateral triangle and a square. All the sides of an equilateral triangle are equal. If the area of the square is 25 cm^2, find the perimeter of the triangle.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 3.39.04 AM
Answer: 15 cm

27.) Gino forms three numbers with the digits 1 to 9. All numbers have three digits, and each digit is used only once. Gino added all the three numbers. What is the greatest sum Gino can obtain?

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 3.39.47 AM

Answer: 2556

28.) Nina cooked 121 hotdogs for the Christmas party. There were 16 male and 18 female guests. Each male guest ate 1 more hotdog than each female guest. Each of the female guests, including Nina, ate an equal number of hotdogs. How many hotdogs did each male guest eat?
Answer: 4

29.) There are two sections in Grade 2, Rose and Lily, with a total of 58 pupils. Six pupils were transferred from section Rose to section Lily. The two sections then have an equal number of pupils. How many pupils were there in section Rose before the transfer?
Answer: 35

30.) Jose began to read at 10:30 in the morning. At 2:20 pm he stopped reading. How many minutes did Jose read?
Answer: 230

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