2015 Grade 4 MTAP Elimination Questions with Answers

Below are the 2015 Grade 4 MTAP Elimination Questions with Answers. I will post the solutions of selected items later. Also, if time permits, I will redraw some of the figures.

1.) How do you read the numeral 2 followed by 8 zeroes?
Answer: two hundred million

2.) How many tens should be added to 212 ones and 100 to get 572?
Answer: 26

3.) What is the largest three-digit prime number?
Answer: 997

4.) What is the smallest multiple of 3 that is greater than 200?
Answer: 201

5.) What is the sum of the 4 largest two-digit prime numbers?
Answer: 348

6.) Lynn counts numbers starting from 105 and adds 4 each time. So she counts 105, 109, 113, and continues. What is the largest three-digit whole number that Lynn counts?
Answer: 997 

7.) What is the ones digit in the product of 87 x 87 x 87 x 87 x 87?
Answer: 7

8.) The average of 6 consecutive odd numbers is 26. What is the largest number?
Answer: 31

9.) Five identical squares placed side by side formed a rectangle. The area of the rectangle is 45 cm^2. Squares are then removed from one end so that the resulting rectangle has a perimeter of 24 cm. What is the area of the new rectangle?
Answer: 27 sq. cm.

10.) What is ¼ of 80% of 120?
Answer: 24

11.) Forty is how much more than the sum of 12 and 21?
Answer: 7

12.) What number is 20 more than the product of 6 ones and 3 tens?
Answer: 200

13.) What number is 100 less than the sum of 80 and 50?
Answer: 30

14.) Write three hundred eight thousand six in symbols.
Answer: 308, 006

15.) One number is 15 more than another. The sum of the numbers is 93. What is the larger number?
Answer: 54

16.) Patrick needs to paint 79 chairs. He has already painted 57 chairs. How many more chairs does he need to paint?
Answer: 22 chairs

17.) Mary has some cookies. She gave 18 to her friend. She has 21 left. How many cookies did she have at the beginning?
Answer: 39 cookies.

18.) A rectangular table can seat 8 people. Two tables placed side by side can seat 14 people. Three tables placed side by side can seat 20 people. At most 4 tables can be placed side by side. How many tables are needed to seat 51 people?
Answer: 8 tables

19.) A container is 2/3 full of water. When 8 liters of water was removed from it, it became 2/7 full. What is the capacity of the container?
Answer: 21 liters

20.) What is the sum of 5 tens and 20 ones?
Answer: 70

21.) In a farm, 354 oranges were harvested on Tuesday and 978 were harvested on Thursday. How much greater was the harvest on Thursday than on Tuesday?
Answer: 624 oranges.

22.) Margie bought 3 boxes of cupcakes. Each box contains 6 cupcakes. How many cupcakes did Margie buy in all?
Answer: 18 cupcakes

23.) Three times a number added to the product of 4 and 3 is 24. What is the number?
Answer: 4

24.) A vendor had 3 boxes of oranges to sell. There were 20 oranges in each box. If he sold 42 oranges, how many oranges were not sold?
Answer: 18 oranges are not sold.

25.) If a number is divided by 7, its quotient is 5. What is the number?
Answer: 35

26.) The sum of 18 and 12 divided by 5 is ___?
Answer: 6

27.) What is the sum of the digits in the product of 23 ones and 32 tens?
Answer: 16

28.) What is the sum of 3 consecutive whole numbers if the largest of these numbers is 9>
Answer: 24

29.) What is ¼ of the sum of 6 tens and 8 ones?
Answer: 17

30.) Daria had Php 125.00. She bought a glass of juice for Php 15.00 and a sandwich for Php 37.00. How much money did she have left?
Answer: Php 73.00 was left.

31.) Eva called her friend at 10:15 am. They talked for 57 mins. What time did their conversation ended?
Answer: 11:12 am

32.) Marissa wants to buy a cake for her mother on her birthday. She has Php 500.00. The cake costs Php 675.50. How much more does she need to buy the cake?
Answer: Php 175.50

33.) A ribbon is 7 m and 60 cm long. How many ribbons each with a length of 50 cm can be cut from it?
Answer: 15

34.) Randy bought 23 oranges and apples for Php 378.00. An orange cost Php 15.00 and an apple costs Php 18.00. How many apples did he buy?
Answer: 11

35.) Using the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, and without repeating the digits, make an addition sentence using two 4-digit numbers that has the largest sum.
Answer: 8541 + 7632 = 16173

36.) There are 36 packs of candies in a box. The packs of candies are divided equally among 4 children. How many packs will each one receive?
Answer: 9 packs

37.) There are 45 pencils that will be given equally among 7 children. How many pencils will each child receive?
Answer: 6 pencils, remainder 3.

38.) A number divided by 3 and multiplied by 5 gives 40. What is the number?
Answer: 24

39.) Shown below is a portion of a calendar. What is the product of the numbers in the squares?
Answer: 150

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 4.15.15 AM

40.) If 4/5 of a number is 96, what is 5/4 of the number?
Answer: 150


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