Below are the 2015 Grade 6 MTAP Elimination Questions with Answers. I will post the solutions of selected items later. Also, if time permits, I will redraw some of the figures.

2015 Grade 6 MTAP Elimination Questions

1.) 3/5% is how many tenths?
Answer: .06

2.) The sum of two numbers is 75. The smaller number is one-fourth the bigger. What is the smaller number?
Answer: 15

3.) What number is midway between 2/3 and ¾?
Answer: 17/24

4.) What is the largest whole number that should be placed in the blank to make this statement true? 65÷ _____ < 23
Answer: 3

5.) Annie, Jen, Sam and Gie want to divide a certain number of candies in the corresponding ratio 1:2:4:7. What is the ratio of the number of Jen’s candies to the number of Sam’s candies?
Answer: 1:2 

6.) A rectangular tile is 1 cm by 4 cm. What is the least number of rectangular tiles that can be placed side by side to form a square with an area of 16 cm^2.
Answer: 4

7.) In a basket factory, Ian finished 5 baskets in 2 hours while Joy finished 10 baskets in 3 hours. If they work at the same rate, how many baskets can they finish together in 12 hours?
Answer: 10

8.) A basket weighs 3 red balls. The same basket weighs 5 white balls. If 10 white balls weigh 2.4 kg, what is the weight of a red ball in grams?
Answer: 400

9.) An orange juice drink for one person is made of 120 ml of water and 40 ml of orange concentrate. How many ml of water and orange concentrate are needed for 3 persons?
Answer: 360 ml of water, 120 ml of orange concentrate

10.) Eight dozen eggs Php 504.00. How much is the cost of 45 eggs?
Answer: Php 236.25

11.) A rectangular container contains 15 times the number of apples than a box that holds 6 apples. How many apples can be placed in the container?
Answer: 90

12.) When Aida, Julie, and Mara stepped on a weighing scale together, it read 138 kg. Aida stepped off and the scale read 97 kg. Mara stepped off and scale read 48 kg. What was Aida’s weight?
Answer: 41 kg

13.) A customer bought ballpens that cost Php 7.50 each. He paid a total of Php 472.50. How many ballpens did he buy?
Answer: 63

14.) An athlete jumped 9 m and 90 cm in a long jump competition. His height is 165 cm. How many times his height did he jump?
Answer: 6 times

15.) When Luis rounded the number 85__39 to thousands, he got 85, 000. What is the largest digit that can be put in the blank?
Answer: 4

16.) Mary baked brownies on weekends. On Saturday, when she counted the brownies, there were 17 left. How many brownies did she bake?
Answer: Incomplete given

17.) Luz has 100, 20 and 50 peso bills. If she has 24 Php 100.00 bills and 54 Php 50.00 bills, how many Php 20.00 bills does she have if her total money is Php 6, 540.00?
Answer: 72

18.) Mrs. Reyes brought 6 flags of different colors to use in a class activity. She added them to the flags that were already in the classroom. She borrowed 5 more flags, but 2 of these were not used. In the end, 12 flags were used in the activity. How many flags were already in the classroom?
Answer: 3

19.) When Jose rode on a bus, he noticed some people sitting. At the next bus stop, 5 people got on and 2 people got off. Two stops later, 7 people got on 15 people got off the bus at the terminal station. How many people were in the bus when Jose got on the bus?
Answer: 4

20.) Roy, Mario, and Cris went camping. Roy spent Php 300.00 for food and Cris spent Php 570.00. However, Mario did not have any money so they decided to divide the total amount they spent among the 3 of them. How much should Mario pay?
Answer: Php 290.00

21.) Allen and Joy spent the same amount of money which was less than Php 150.00 for the toys they bought. Allen bought toys worth Php 15.00 each while Joy bought toys costing Php 20.00 each. What could be the largest amount that each spent for the toys?
Answer: Php 120.00

22.) A small delivery container can contain 50 boxes of chocolate or 65 boxes of assorted candies. If the container already has 30 boxes of chocolate, how many more boxes of assorted candies can be placed in the delivery container?
Answer: 39

23.) The area of the square below is 16 cm^2. What is the area of the shaded region?
Answer: 10 cm^2

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 4.40.07 AM

24.) A rectangular field court has a perimeter of 232 meters. The length of the field is 32 meters greater than the width. What is the width of the basketball court?
Answer: 42 cm

25.) The price of a dress originally costing Php 300.00 increased by 150 %. How much was the new price?
Answer: Php 750.00

26.) The figure below is formed by squares with a side is 2 cm each. What is the perimeter of the figure if there are 10 such squares?

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 4.41.44 AM
Answer: 62 cm (the perimeter does not include the overlapping sides)

27.) The average of one set of 4 number is 35. The average of another set of numbers is 20. The average of the numbers in the two sets is 30. How many numbers are in the other set?
Answer: 2

28.) What is the 50th number in the pattern 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 …?
Answer: 105

29.) Alvin and James spent the same amount of money that was less than Php 150.00 for the toys they bought. Alvin bought toys worth Php 15.00 each while James bought toys costing Php 20.00 each. How many toys did Alvin buy if both spent the largest amount with the money they had?
Answer: 8

30.) What is the highest exponent in the prime factorization of 315?
Answer: 2

31.) What is the largest prime number in the prime factorization of 1, 617?
Answer: 539

32.) if 50% of a number is 500, what is 25% of the number?
Answer: 250

33.) Which fraction is the largest? 15/75, 9/72, 11/66, 13/39
Answer: 13/39

34.) The sum of 6 consecutive odd numbers is 132. What is the sum of all the tens digits of these numbers?
Answer: 10

35.) When a two-digit number is divided by 9, the remainder is 4. When it is divided by 6, the remainder is also 4. What is the smallest possible value of the number?
Answer: 58

36.) The areas of a parallelogram and a triangle are the same. They have the same base. What is the ratio of the height of a triangle to the height of the parallelogram?
Answer: 2:1

37.) How many two-digit numbers having 3 as ones digit are prime numbers?
Answer: 6

38.) A container is 4/5 full of water. After taking out 8 liters, it became 2/3 full. How many liters of water have to be added to make it full?
Answer: 20

39.) Time in the Philippines is one hour ahead of the time in Japan. Luz who is in Manila called up her friend who is in Japan at 12:55 am on 25 December 2014. What day and time was it in Japan?
Answer: 11:55 PM on 24 December 2014

40.) Using only the number 2, how many times will you use it as a factor to get the smallest three digit number as a product?
Answer: 7

41.) Luz made a decoration for the town fiesta. She made an equilateral triangular wire frame and tied ribbons on the frame 2 dm apart. If there were 18 ribbons in all, what was the perimeter of the frame?
Answer: 36 dm

42.) A kilogram of clay can make 3 small pots with 200 g of clay as left over. How many pots can be made with 4 kg of clay?
Answer: 15

43.) The quotient when 0.36 is divided by a number is 5. What is the divisor?
Answer: .072

44.) If 2 * 4 = 10, and 3 * 5 = 13, what is 4 * 7?
Answer: 18

45.) In her rose garden, Mary has half as many white roses as red roses, 4 times as many red ones as pink ones. There are 36 roses that are either yellow or pink. Twenty are yellow. How many roses are there in Mary’s garden?
Answer: 132

46.) If \frac{a}{b} = \frac{3}{7}, what is \frac{a + 3}{b-2}?
Answer: 6/5

47.) Squares with side 2 cm each are placed side by side as shown. What is the ratio of the area of the shaded parallelogram to the area of the unshaded triangles?
Answer: 1:1

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 4.43.00 AM

48.) If 1 * 2 = 5, 3 * 5 = 13, and 2 * 7 = 16, what is 6 * 8?
Answer: 22

49.) How many 3-digit numbers have the product of their digits equal to 12?

50.) Luz and Raya talked for one hour and 21 minutes on the phone. They ended talking at 1:06 a.m. What time did they start talking with each other?
Answer: 11:45 PM