2015 Grade 6 MTAP Math Challenge – Division Orals

Below are the 2015 Grade 6 MTAP Math Challenge Division Oral Competition questions with answers.

15-second question (2 points each)

1.) If N 15 + 10 – 2 × 5 = N× 3, what is N?
Answer: 5

2.) The clock reads 4 o’clock. What is the degree measure of the angle formed by the hands of the clock?
Answer: 120 degrees

3.) The length, width, and height of a rectangular box, respectively are 5 cm, 8 cm, and 11 cm. What is its surface area?
Answer: 366 cm^2

4.) (2^4) (9^) = (4^2) (y). Express y in exponential form.
Answer: y = 3^2

5.) Lita’s money was 5/4 Zeny’s money. When Jane gave Zeny Php 9.00, Lita’s money became equal to the total money that Zeny then had. How much was Lita’s money?
Answer: Php 45.00 

6.) A cube with a volume of 64 cubic cm is divided into 8 congruent cubes. What is the length of a side of a smaller cube?
Answer: 2

7.) A dress costing Php 350.00 was on sale at 10% off. Not sold, it was again made on sale at another 10% off. What was the total percent of discount?
Answer: 19%

8.) Jane used 2/5 of her savings to buy a gift for her mother. She used 1/3 of her remaining savings to buy a gift for her sister. What fraction of her savings was left?
Answer: 2/5

9.) The length of a rectangle is 2 more than twice its width. If its perimeter is 22 cm, what is its length?
Answer: 8cm

10.) Two-thirds of the length of a stick is 5 ½ popsicle sticks long. If a popsicle stick is 7 cm, how long is the stick?
Answer: 57.75

11.) Julia had 60 paperback books. She gave 2/3 of the books for the Book Lovers Club. How many did Julia keep?
Answer: 20

30-second question (3 points each)

1.) Jane has Php 48.00 and Ria has Php 64.00. They decided to contribute money to buy flowers costing Php 80.00 for their mother. If Jane contributes 2/3 of her money, what fraction of her money will Ria contribute?
Answer: 3/4

2.) Lyn tried to sell a blouse with a 10% profit. Not sold, she decided to sell it with a certain discount. If it is sold, she will still have a 4.5% profit. How many percent is the discount?
Answer: 5%

3.)A new rectangle was formed when the perimeter of an original rectangle with width 3 cm was doubled. If the area of the new rectangle is 60 cm^2, what is the length of the original rectangle?
Answer: 5 cm

4.) Shown below are the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th … terms of a sequence a, b, c, 38, 47, 56, 65 … What is the sum a + b + c of the first three terms of the sequence?
Answer: 60

5.) The surface area of a rectangular box is 592 cm^2. The edges of two faces are 10 cm and 8 cm. What is the other dimension?
Answer: 12 cm

6.) The average of 4 numbers is 67.5. When one number was removed, the average became 65. What number was removed?
Answer: 75

1-minute question (5 points each)

1.) Mario glues together 72 cubes with 2 cm edges to form a solid rectangular brick. If the perimeter of the base is 28 cm, find the height of the brick in centimeters.
Answer: 12 NOTE: the solid is 6 cm by 8 cm by 12 cm

2.) Observe the sequence: 10, 13, 16, 19 … What is the 30th term in the sequence?
Answer: 97

3.) Shown below are the 4th, 5th, and 6th … terms of a sequence. a, b, c, 38, 47, 56 … What is the sum a + b + c of the first three terms of the sequence?
Answer: 60

4.) The average of four numbers was 55. When one number was added to these numbers, the new average became 60. What number was added?
Answer: 80

5.) In a Grade 6 class, each pupil either likes Mathematics or Science or both subjects. There are 26 pupils like Mathematics and 30 pupils who like Science. If 14 pupils like both Mathematics and Science, how many students are there in the class?
Answer: 42

6.) A cube with a volume of 64 cubic cm is divided by 8 cubes of the same dimensions, what is the length of a side of a smaller cube?
Answer: 2

Clincher Question

1.) ½ of 3/6 of 5/10 of 7/14 of a number is equal to 8^2. What is the exponent of the number when it is expressed into its prime factorization?
Answer: 10

2.) What is the greatest number of possible points of intersection of a circle and pentagon?
Answer: 10

3.) The distance from Ormoc City to Tacloban City is 110 km. If Joy left Ormoc at 5:00 am and reached Tacloban at 7:30, what was Joy’s average speed for the journey?
Answer: 44 km per hour

Do or Die Question

What whole numbers will make the sentence 21 – x > 17 true?
Answer: 0, 1, 2, 3

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