2008 Elimination Metrobank MTAP DepEd Math Challenge Grade 6 Part 2

This is the second part (questions 26-50) of the 2008 Elimination Metrobank MTAP DepEd Math Challenge Grade 6. The first part (questions 1-25) can be read here.

I have solved the problems below manually, so kindly comment on the box below if you see any errors.

26.) The sides of a triangle are 21.5 cm, 24.25 cm and 18.6 cm. Find its perimeter.

Answer: 64.35

27.) If n:50 = 18:30, find n.

Answer: 30

28.) A 240 cu. cm. solution of acid contains 12 cu.cm. of acid. How many cu. cm. of acid would 1 liter of the solution contain?

Answer: 50 

29.) 54 plywood boards, each with a thickness of 1.25 cm, are piled together one on top the other. How high is the pile?

Answer: 67.5

30.) How many pieces of tape 3.4 cm each, can be cut from a roll of ribbon 25 m long?

Answer: 735

31.) Change \frac{9}{13} to a decimal correct to the nearest hundredth.

Answer: 0.69

32.) If 162 = n% of 450, what is n?

Answer: 36

33.) If 575 = 46% of N, what is N?

Answer: 1250

34.) A vendor borrowed P7,500 from their cooperative at 8% a year. If he paid at
the end of 1 ½ years, how much in all did he pay?

Answer: 900

35.) The factory cost of a car is P650,000. If the dealer added 20% to the cost as gain, how much did he sell the car?

Answer: 780,000

36.) An advertisement says: Regular price – P45; now only P31.50.What is the percent discount?

Answer: 30

37.) A family spends 35% of their monthly salary on food. On a circle graph, how many degrees will represent food?

Answer: 126

38.) ∠x and ∠y are supplementary. If ∠y is 32° more than ∠x, find ∠y.

Answer: 106

39.) A base angle of an isosceles triangle is 9° more than the vertex angle. Find the vertex angle.

Answer: 54

40.) A man-made lagoon has a radius of 25 m. If you walk thrice around it, how many meters will that be?

Answer: 471 m

41.) One milk can has a radius of 5 cm and a height of 16 cm. Another has a radius of 6 cm and a height of 14 cm. How much more milk does the second can hold than the first can?

Answer: 326.56

42.) A ricefield is trapezoidal in shape. The parallel sides are 67 m and 85 m in length and the distance between them is 82 m. What is its area?

Answer: 6232 sq m

43.) A box for raffle stubs is to be completely wrapped with colored paper. If the box is 5 dm long, 3.4 dm wide and 6 cm high, what is the area to be covered?

Answer: 134.8

44.A lounge is 4 m long and 3.2 m wide. It is to be tiled with square tiles of side 2 dm. How many tiles are needed?

Answer: 320

45.A triangle with a base of 9 dm and a height of 8 dm is to be cut from a thin cardboard 1 m long and 9 dm wide. How much of area of the cardboard will be left?

Answer: 54 sq. dm

46.How many circles of radius 4 cm can be cut from a piece of cartolina 65 cm by 50 cm?

Answer: 48

47.The shadow of a man 6 ft tall is 10 ft at the same time that the shadow of a telegraph pole is 35 ft. Find the height of the pole?

Answer: 21

48.By selling an article for P68, a man loses 15%. How much must he sell it to gain 20%?

Answer: 96

49.A hollow metal pipe has an external radius of 5 cm and an internal radius of 4.5 cm. If the pipe is 1 m long, find the volume of the metal used to make the pipe.

Answer: 1491.5 cu. cm.

50.The scale of a house is 2 cm to 3 m. If a living room is 3 cm by 4 cm on the scale, what is its actual area?

Answer: 27 sq. m.


  1. 37. 126 degrees…
    Solution 360 degrees x .35 = 126


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