Below are the questions for the 2005 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge Sectoral Finals for Grade 1. Kindly comment if you see any error.

2005 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge Sectoral Finals

A. 15-second questions – 2 points each

1.) How much greater is 7 tens and 4 ones than 42 ones?

Answer: 32

2.) If 3 is added to1/3, how many thirds will that be?

Answer: 10

3.) What number is 7 more than1/3 of 39?

Answer: 20

4.) Liz is 6 ½ years old now. Nita is 2 years younger than Liz. How old will Nita be in the year 2010?

Answer: 9 ½ 

5.) I bought a ballpen for P5.50. How much change did I get from a P10-bill?

Answer: P4.50

6.) Twenty-seven girls were present in a party. Eight more girls came in. Then, 6 girls went home. How many girls were left?

Answer: 29

7.) Ricky has 157 popsicle sticks. He wants to bundle them in tens. How many bundles can he make?

Answer: 15

8.) What is the 7th number in the pattern 7, 11, 15, … ? 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, 27

Answer: 31

9.) Tina received 7 P5-bills and 5 P10-bills on her birthday. How much in all did she receive?

Answer: P85.00

10.) Which digit in 429 has the smallest value in the number?

Answer: 9

11.) Write 5 hundreds and 6 ones in symbols.

Answer: 506

B. 30-second questions – 3 points each

1.) Twelve eggplants can be planted in each row of Eddie’s garden. He has enough seedlings for 4 ½ rows. How many seedlings has he?

Answer: 54

2.) The sum of two numbers is 33. One number is 3 more than the other. What are the two numbers?

Answer: 15 and 18

3.) Mrs. Lopez bought 2 packs of cookies. Each pack contains 2 dozen cookies. Her children ate 20 cookies. How many cookies were left?

Answer: 28

4.) Lala had P245. She spent P68 on Saturday. She spent P10 more on Sunday than on Saturday. How much money had she left?

Answer: P99

5.) Lorna left home at 7:45 and reached her grandma’s house in1 1/3 hours. What time did she reach grandma’s house?

Answer: 8:05

6.) If you add 24 to my number and then subtract 17, you get 25. What is my number?

Answer: 18

C. 1-minute questions – 5 points each

1.) Three sections of Grade 1 and 6 teachers went on a field trip. Each section had 50 pupils. They used 3 buses each with 56 seats. How many empty seats were there?

Answer: 18

2.) Kathie bought the following items: a pair of shoes for P550, a pair of socks for P35.50 and a blouse for P125.50. How much change did she get from a P1000-bill?

Answer: P289.50

3.) George had 10 P5-bills and five P10-bills. He gave his sister P35 for her project. How much money had he left?

Answer: P65

4.) What will you add to the sum of 327 and 148 to get 500?

Answer: 25

5.) Nita had 30 stamps. Mila had 4 more than twice as many stamps as Nita. Mila gave Nita ¼ of her stamps. How many stamps did Nita then have?

Answer: 46

6.) Lana had 14 eggs. She bought 2 dozen more eggs. She used 25 eggs. How many eggs remained?

Answer: 13

Clincher questions 

1.) Julia had 35 candies. She gave 10 candies to each of her two brothers. How many candies had she left?

Answer: 15

2.) Pete counted 24 tricycle wheels and 18 bicycle wheels. How many tricycles and bicycles were there?

Answer: 8 tricycles and 9 bicycles

3.) Letty receives P150 for her weekly allowance. She spends P45 for transportation, P48 for merienda and P40 for other things and saves the rest. How much does she save a week?

Answer: P17

Do-Or-Die questions

1.) Liza has 60 roses. One-fourth of the roses are red,1/3 of them are yellow,
1/5 of them are white and the rest are pink. How many are

Answer: 3