2005 MTAP Elimination Questions for Grade 3 Part 2

Below are the 2005 Grade 3 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge Elimination questions 26-30 with answers. You can read questions 1-25 here. If you see any error, kindly comment below.

2005 MTAP Elimination Questions for Grade 3

26.) Which of the following can be divided by 2 and 3? { 16, 26, 36, 46, 56 }

Answer: 36

27.) John bought 2 pencils at P2.75 each and a pencil case for P27. How much change did he get from a P50-bill?

Answer: P17.50

28.) What is the difference between the smallest and largest 2-digit numbers?

Answer: 89 

29.) What is twice 125 added to 138?

Answer: 388

30.) How many sevens are in 84?

Answer: 12

31.) How many prime numbers are there between 40 and 50?

Answer: 3

32.) A school carpenter made 75 stools. If each stool has 3 legs, how many legs did the carpenter use?

Answer: 225

33.) There are 72 children in a party. They were divided in fours. How many groups were there?

Answer: 18

34.) Three times Nina’s age plus 9 equals 42 years. How old is Nina?

Answer: 11

35.) In my birthday party, Mother divided each of my 5 cakes into 8 equal parts. She gave a piece to each of my 32 guests and me. How many pieces remained?

Answer: 7

36.) A rectangular school yard is 56 m long and 45 m wide. If you walk around it, how many meters will that be?

Answer: 202 m.

37.) Three-eighth is equal to how many 64ths?

Answer: 24

38.) Nina bought 4 ½ m of cloth. She used 2 ¼ m for her school project. How much cloth remained?

Answer: 2 1/4 m.

39.) There are 48 pupils in a class. If 3/8 of them are girls, how many are boys?

Answer: 30

40.) What do we call a figure with 4 right angles and 4 equal sides?

Answer: square

41.) Lito has a garden 15 m long and 9 m wide. What is its perimeter?

Answer: 48 m

42.) What is the area of Lito’s garden?

Answer: 135 m^2

43.) Mother changed 3/5 of a P1000-bill into P50-bills and the rest into 10-peso coins. How many coins did she get?

Answer: 40

44.) A farmer has 36 fruit trees in his farm. If 1/3 of them are mangoes, ¼ are caimitos and the rest are chicos, how many chico trees does he have?

Answer: 15

45.) Seven scouts walked to their camp site. One scout went 2 kilometers farther and then came back. Together, all seven walked a total of 81 kilometers. How many kilometers did the scout who went farther walk?

Answer: 15 km

46.) I am a 2-digit number. My tens is 3 more than my ones and the sum of my digits is 11. What number am I?

Answer: 74

47.) If tomorrow is November 11, what date will it be 14 days after tomorrow?

Answer: Nov. 25

48.) Lita and Connie spent P187. Lita, Connie and Rose spent P248. How much did Rose spend?

Answer: P 61.00

49.) Pete and Bing spent P178. Bing spent P12 more than Pete. How much did Bing spend?

Answer: P 95.00

50.) Thirty-five pupils belong to the Glee Club. If 12 more pupils belong to the Dance Club than to the Glee Club, how many pupils belong to both clubs?

Answer: 82

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