2005 Grade 4 MTAP Elimination Round Questions Part 2

Below are the 2005 Grade 4 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge Elimination questions 26-30 with answers. Questions 1-25 can be read here. If you see any error, kindly comment below

26.) The product of two numbers is 36 and their sum is 13. What is their difference?
Answer: 5

27.) The price of a candy is 65 centavos. How many can Lina buy with her ₱15?
Answer: 23

28.) Change 58/9 to a mixed number.
Answer: 6 4/9

29.) Change 5 3/7 to an improper fraction.
Answer: 38/7 

30.) Joy cut some pizzas into 6ths. After serving 28 pieces, she had 14 pieces left. How many pizzas did she cut?
Answer: 7

31.) How many pieces of ribbon each 2.4 dm long can be cut from a 10-m roll of ribbon?
Answer: 41

32.) What is the ratio of 36 cm to 9 dm?
Answer: 2:5

33.) Apples cost ₱9 each. How many can you buy with ₱200?
Answer: 22

34.) Which is greater, 11/14or 15/19?
Answer: 15/19

35.) Jan has a board 50 cm long. He wants to cut it into 8 equal pieces. How long will be each piece?
Answer: 6 1/4 cm

36.) Nancy had 48 stamps. She gave 1/6 of them to Liza and ¼ to her sister. How many stamps remained with Nancy?
Answer: 28

37.) In a school, there are 156 scouts. If ¼ of them are cub scouts, how many are not cub scouts?
Answer: 117

38.) A movie is 2 ¼ hours long. If it ended at 10:30 P.M., what time did it start?
Answer: 8:15 PM

39.) If 3:4 = 24:N, what is N?
Answer: 32

40.) Roy’s garden is 18 m long and 13 m wide. How much fencing material does he need for it?
Answer: 62 m

41.) What is the area of Roy’s garden?
Answer: 234 m^2

42.) A room is 5 m long, 4 m wide and 3 m high. How much air does it enclose?
Answer: 60 m^3

43.) There are 960 pupils in a school. One stormy day, 15% of them were absent, how many were present?
Answer: 816

44.) Tito has 12 fewer stamps than Marlon. Together, they have 136 stamps. How many stamps has Marlon?
Answer: 74

45.) Nina bought a pair of shoes and a bag. The pair of shoes cost ₱15 more than four times as much as the bag. Together, the shoes and bag cost ₱485. How much did the pair of shoes cost?

Answer: P 391.00

46.) After reading a part of her book, Rita left the book open at a part where the sum of the page numbers on the two facing pages was 225. What was the page number on the left hand side?

Answer: 112

47-48 (missing givens)

49.) Jennifer wrote her name fifty times on a long piece of tape without any space between her written name. What was the 100th letter?
Answer: n

50.) The product of two whole numbers is 10,000. Neither of the two numbers contains a zero last digit. What are the two numbers?

Answer: 16 and 625

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