2005 Grade 6 MTAP Regional Individual Finals with Answers

Below are the questions from the2005 Grade 6 MTAP Regional Individual Finals .

Solve each problem on scratch and write the answer on the blank before the number.[ 2 points each] Use π= 3.14

1.) Write MCMLXXII in Hindu-Arabic numerals.

Answer: 1972

2.) Write nine billion, sixty-five million, nine thousand, seven hundred eighty-six in Hindu-Arabic.

Answer: 9, 065, 099, 786

3.) The product of 74 x 80 is 5,920. If 74 is multiplied by 100 and then multiplied by 80 and then divided by 5, the product of the resulting numbers is the same as multiplying 5,920 by what number?

Answer: 20 

4.) When water freezes, its volume increases by 0.9%. What volume of water, to the nearest mL, must be frozen to get 1000mL of ice?

Answer: 9 mL

5.) A car went at 55 kph for 3 hours and at 65 kph for 2 hours. What was the average speed for the whole journey?

Answer: 59 kph

6.) Lulu can put her pictures 4, 5, or 6 to a page, in her album, with 2 left over in each case. What is the smallest number of pictures that Lulu has for the condition to hold?

Answer: 62 kph

7.) A man left home by bus at 8:15 a.m. and reached a town 45 km away at 9:45. What was his average speed per hour to the nearest kilometer?

Answer: 30kph

8.) What is the least common multiple of 36, 60 and 54?

Answer: 540

9.) Which is greater,14/17 or 23/29?

Answer: 14/17

10.) On a boat, 16% travel first class, 56% travel third class. If 238 travel second class, how many passengers are on the boat?

Answer: 850

11.) One of the parallel sides of a trapezoidal field is 187 m and the other is 157 m. If those two sides are 125 m apart, find the area of the field in hectares, to the nearest hectare.

Answer: 2 hectares

12.) One cube has an edge of 15 cm. Another cube has an edge 2/3 that of the first cube. What is the ratio of their volumes?

Answer: 27:8

13.) What digit(s) can be placed in the blank in 3774 so that it is divisible by 12?

Answer: The blank was erased, so we cannot answer this question.

14.) A rectangular park is 115 m long and 95 m wide. How many times must a jogger go completely around it to make sure he has covered 5 kilometers?

Answer: 12

15.) What is the surface area of a beach ball of radius 4.5 dm?

Answer: 254.34

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