2004 Grade 5 MTAP Elimination Questions Part 2

Below are the 2004 Grade 5 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge Elimination questions 26-50 with answers. Questions 1-25 can be read here. If you see any error, kindly comment below.

26.) Pat had 12 apples. He gave each of his friends ¾ of an apple and kept ¾ for himself. If there was no apple left, how many friends were with him?

Answer: 15

27.) There are 680 Grades 4-6 students in a school. If 35% of them are in Grade 5, how many Grade 5 students are there?

Answer: 238 

28.) Rose bought a blouse at a discount of 18% for ₱147.60. What was the marked price of the blouse?

Answer: P 180

29.) There are 240 scouts in a school. If 90 of them are cubs, what percent of the scouts in the school are cubs?

Answer: 37.5

30.) Ann can make one uniform with 2.4 m of cloth. How many uniforms can she make from 20 m of cloth?

Answer: 8

31.) Which of the following numbers can be written as the sum of two primes?
a. 25 b. 35 c. 51 d. 57

Answer: 25

32.) Find N if N : 84 = 5 : 6. 16m

Answer: 70

Note: Questions 33-34 have missing figures, so I did not include them here.

35.) If 8 men can do a piece of work in 6 days, how many men can do it in 4 days at the same rate?

Answer: 12

36.) A restaurant charges 4% service charge. If your order amounted to ₱450, how much did you pay?

Answer: P 468

37.) A closed box for a raffle is 5 dm long, 3.5 dm wide and 7 dm high. If it is to be completely covered with colored paper, how much surface is to be covered?

Answer: 154 dm^2

38.) An aquarium is 6 dm long, 4 dm wide and 4 dm high. How many liters of water does it contain when it is 6/5 full?

Answer: Maybe there is a typo error here, but 6/5 full is not possible.

39.) A base angle of an isosceles triangle is 52 degree. What is the vertex angle?

Answer: 76 degrees

40.) How many cubic meters of soil will be needed to raise a 4 m long and 2.5 m wide flower plot by 15 cm?

Answer: 1.5 m^3

41.) If your step is about 70 cm and you can make 60 steps a minute, how far can you walk in 10 minutes?

Answer: 420 m

42.) A park is 85 m long and 70 m wide. If you jog around it 6 times, how many meters will that be?

Answer: 1860 m

43.) The ratio of two numbers is 3 : 5 and their difference is 34. Find the bigger number?

Answer: 85

44.) The average of two fractions is 7/8 and one fraction is 3/2. What is the other?

Answer: 1/4

45.) The scale of a map is 1cm : 15 km. If two towns are 4.5 cm apart on a map, how many kilometers apart are they?

Answer: 67.5 km

46.) A school basketball team won ¾ of its games. If it won 14 more games than it lost, how many games did it play?

Answer: 28

47.) The parallel sides of a trapezoidal field are 52 m and 68 m. If they are 48 m apart, what is its area?

Answer: 2, 880 m^2

48.) A certain sum of money is sufficient to pay the wages of 12 men for 15 days. For how many days will it be enough for 9 men?

Answer: 20

49.) The length of a rectangular garden is 3 m more than the width. If the perimeter is 106 m, find the length of the garden.

Answer: 28 m

50.) A room is 5.7 m wide and 6.6 m long. How many 30-cm tiles are needed to cover it?

Answer: 418

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