2007 Grade 6 MTAP Division Team Competition Questions

Below is the 2007 Division Team Competition for Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge for Grade 6. Answers are provided for each question. Please comment if you see any error.

A. 15-second questions – 2 points each

1.) The diameter of a circular lot is 15 m. What is its radius in centimeter?

Answer: 750

2.) Reduce the fractionto simplest form.

Answer: 9/11

3.) A regular pentagon has a perimeter of 140 cm. How long is one side?

Answer: 28 cm

4.) Express 32 as a sum of 2 prime numbers.

Answer: 13 + 19, 3 + 29 

5.) The sum of two numbers is 150.6. One number is twice the other. What is the bigger number?

Answer: 100.4

6.) The sum of 44 and 25 is equal to 84 minus a certain number. What is that number?

Answer: 15

7.) A rectangle has an area of 300 cm^2. If its length is 20 cm, what is its perimeter?

Answer: 70 cm

8.) An angle is 42 degrees. What is its complement?

Answer: 48 degrees

9.) What is n if 5n is equal to 252?

Answer: 125

10.) How many multiples of 5 are there between 1 and 1,000?

Answer: 199

11.) How many sq. centimeters is equal to one sq. meter?

Answer: 10, 000

B. 30-second questions – 3 points each [Use π= 3.14]

1.) What is the product of 4,000 x 45,000 in scientific notation?

Answer: 1.8 x 10^8

2.) If ¼ of a number is 144, what isof the number?

Answer: 192

3.) Three-eighths of 40 roses are red,of the remaining roses are white and the rest are pink. How many are pink?

Answer: 15

4.) A lady deposited P50-bills amounting to P30,000. How many paper bills did she give the teller?

Answer: 600

5.) The radius of a circle is 2 dm. What is the area of a bigger circle whose radius is 3 times the first circle?

Answer: 133.04 dm ^2

6.) Find 3 consecutive whole numbers whose sum is 138.

Answer: 45, 46, 47

C. 1-minute questions – 5 points each

1.) A ring with a diameter of 2 dm has 3.5 cm added to its circumference to make it larger. What is its new diameter?

Answer: 21.1 cm

2.) The dimensions of a 16 cm by 24 cm picture are enlarged by 20%. What is the area of the enlarged picture?

Answer: 552.96 cm^2
3.) Mr. Santos had P4,000 in his bank but owed somebody P7,500. After making a deposit and writing a check to pay his debt, his bank account amounted to only P900. How much money did he deposit?

Answer: P 4, 400

4.) A child glued together 42 cubes with 1 inch edges to make a solid rectangular brick. If the perimeter of the base is 18 inches, find the height of the brick in inches.

Answer: 3

5.) Find two numbers whose sum is 53 and whose difference is 15.

Answer: 19, 34

6.) The cost of a book increased from P180 to P200. By how many percent to the nearest whole percent did the price increase?

Answer: 11

Clincher questions

1.) By how much doesof 48 exceedof 25?

Answer: 22

2.) If apples cost 4 for P35 and oranges cost 4 for P42, how much will a dozen apples and a dozen oranges cost?

Answer: P 231

3.) A whole number divisible by 6 is greater than 170 but less than 210. what is the largest number that satisfies both conditions?

Answer: 204

Do-Or-Die questions

1.) The average grade of Lilia and Rose is 88, the average grade of Lilia and Kate is 87 and the average grade of Rose and Kate is 86.Find the grade of each girl.

Answer: Lilia – 89, Rose – 87, Kate – 85

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