2007 Grade 3 MTAP Elimination Questions Part 2

Below are the questions and answers of the 2007 MTAP Elimination questions for Grade 3, items 26-50. Items 1-25 can be found here.

26.) A garden is 29 m long and 17 m wide. What is its perimeter?

Answer: 92 m

27.) What is the area of the garden in #26?

Answer: 493 m^2

28.) There are 34 girls in a class of 54 pupils. What is the ratio of girls to boys?

Answer: 17:27 or 17/27

29.) Our door is 120 centimeters wide. The height is 80 cm more than the width. What is the perimeter of our door?

Answer: 640 cm or 6.4 m 

30.) Mother used 270 cm of lace for some pillow cases and 330 cm for our curtains. How many meters of lace did Mother use?

Answer: 6 m

31.) Which is heavier, ½ kilogram or 550 grams?

Answer: 550 grams

32.) Cannot reconstruct figure.

33.) Cannot reconstruct figure.

34.) Victoria bought 785 cm of silk, 615 cm of tetoron and 900 cm of velvet. How many meters of cloth did she buy in all?

Answer: 23 m

35.) Mother bought 4 1/3 dozen eggs. She used 39 eggs in making sweets. How many eggs remained?

Answer: 13

36.) A schoolyard is 117 m long and 103 m wide. If you run around it 5 times, how many meters will that be?

Answer: 2200m or 2.2 km.

37.) Jack has a garden 12 m long and 9 m wide. He wants to fence it. If a meter of fencing costs P37.50, how much will it cost to fence his garden?

Answer: 1575

38.) I have P2.15 in 25¢ and 5¢ coins. I have 11 coins in all. How many 25¢ coins do I have?

Answer: 8

39.) What is the smallest number that gives a remainder of 1 when divided by 2, 3 and 5?

Answer: 31

40.) A car can travel 76 km on 8 liters of gasoline. At the same rate, how far can it travel on 11 liters of gasoline?

Answer: 104.5

41.) Lito works at a fast food center for 4 hours a day. He receives P40 an hour. How much does he earn a week of 7 days?

Answer: P1, 120.00

42.) Lita bought a pencil case and a small box for P80.50. If the box cost P15.50 more than the pencil case, how much did the bag cost?

Answer: P 48.00

43.) Mother gave me P100 to buy some oranges. If an orange costs P8, how many can I buy?

Answer: 12

44.) Our flower garden is 12 meters wide. The length is 3 meters longer than the width. What is the perimeter of the garden?

Answer: 54 m

45.) Greg has P81.00; Ricky has P36 less than twice the money of Greg. How much do they have altogether?

Answer: P 207.00

46.) How many 3-dm pieces of ribbon can be cut from a 10-m piece of ribbon?

Answer: 33

47.) A square has a side of 18 m. A rectangle has a length of 22 m and a width of 16 m. By how much is the area of the rectangle bigger?

Answer: 28 sq m

48.) Benilla earns P8,700 a month. She saves 1/10 of her salary. How much does she save a year?

Answer: P 10, 440.00

49.) A vendor bought 130 watermelons at P24.50 each. He sold 122 at P35.00 each. The rest were spoiled. How much did he gain?

Answer: P 1, 085.00

50.) Lita and Rosa collect stamps. Together, they had 162 stamps. If Rosa has 18 more stamps than Lita, how many stamps has Rosa?

Answer: 90

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