2003 Grade 5 MTAP Elimination Questions Part 2

Below are the questions and answers of the 2003 MTAP Elimination questions for Grade 5, items 25 to 50. Items 1-25 can be found here.

26.) The product of 32 x 31 is closest to which multiple of 10?

Answer: 990

27.) By how much is 34 larger than 43?

Answer: 17

28.) I am thinking of a number. Twice the number plus 5 equals 29.What is the number?

Answer: 12

29.) The sum of three numbers is 99. The first is 10 greater than the second and 20 greater than the third. What is the largest of the three numbers?

Answer: 43

30.) In a spelling test of 50 items, Larry got 90% correctly. How many mistakes did he make?

Answer: 5 

31.) How many numbers between 30 and 60 contain the digit 2?

Answer: 3

32.) What digit can you place in the blank so that 456,72 is divisible by 9?


33.) In 644, 651, how many times as great is the underlined 6 than the 6 that is not underlined?

Answer: 1, 000

34.) Suppose your step is 4.5 dm long and you can make 92 steps in one minute. At that rate, about how far, in meters, is your house from school if you take 5 minutes to go to school?

Answer: 207

35.) Change 0.125 to a fraction in lowest terms.

Answer: 1/8

36.) The perimeter of a rectangle is 54 cm. If the length is 3 cm. longer than the width, what is the length of the rectangle?

Answer: w = 12, l= 15

37.) Divide ₱140 among Tom, Jake and Larry so that Tom gets twice as much as Jake and Jake gets as much as Larry. How much does Tom get?

Answer: P 70

38.) What is the smallest 4-digit number that you can make using 0,4, 5 and 6?

Answer: 4056

39.) A dozen doughnuts and a loaf of bread cost ₱75, half a dozen doughnuts and a loaf cost ₱48. How much does a loaf of bread cost?

Answer: P 21

40.) An angle is 78o. What is its supplement?

Answer: 180-78 = 102 degrees

41.) Nine sheets of bond paper cost ₱2.50. How much will 45 sheets cost?

Answer: P 12.50

42.) One base angle of an isosceles triangle is 62o. What is the vertex angle?

Answer: 56 degrees

43.) The perimeter of a triangle is 75 cm. If two sides are 21 cm and 27 cm, how long is the third side?

Answer: 27 cm

44.) A farmer kept track of his cows and hens by counting the legs and heads. If he counted 78 legs and 35 heads, how many cows did he have?

Answer: 4

45.) What is the perimeter of the figure if all angles are right angles?

Answer: 410 m

46.) What is the area of the same figure?

Answer: 3 700 m^2

47.) A tank contains 105 liters of water when 70% full. How many liters does it contain when full?

Answer: 150 L

48.) I paid ₱126 for a dress at a 16% discount. What is the marked price?

Answer: P 150

49.) In 3 months the price of pork increased from ₱85.50 to ₱97.50.What is the percent increase to nearest percent?

Answer: 14 %

50.) Three numbers are in the ratio 3 : 4 : 6. If the middle number is 28, what is the sum of the 3 numbers?

Answer: 91

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