2007 Grade 1 MTAP Division Team

2007 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge
Division Team Competition – Grade 1

A. 15-second questions – 2 points each

1.) What number has 4 ones, 9 tens and 7 hundreds?

Answer: 794

2.) What is the value of the digit 6 in 4,628?

Answer: 600

3.) What is the sixth number in the pattern 7, 13, 19, …?

Answer: 37

4.) How many half hours are there in 11 ½ hours?

Answer: 23

5.) What number is 12 more than 50 – 21?

Answer: 41 

6.) How many marbles are left if 8 marbles are subtracted from 2 dozen marbles?

Answer: 16

7.) What number ending in 2 zeros is nearest 249?

Answer: 200

8.) If your sister is 9 years old in 2007, in what year was she born?

Answer: 1998

9.) Janice has 8 roses. Her mother will buy 3 dozens more. How many roses will Janice have?

Answer: 44

10.) There are 45 books in a shelf. One-third of the books are Math books. How many of the books are not Math books?

Answer: 30
11.) If Greg has 12 ½ apples, how many apple halves can he have?

Answer: 25

B. 30-second questions – 3 points each

1.) Girlie received 5 more P5-coins than Boyette. If Boyette received P35, how much money do they have together?

Answer: 95

2.) What number is greater than the sum of 18 and 25 but less than the sum of 16 & 29?

Answer: 44

3.) A storybook has 110 pages. Nita has 26 pages left to read. How many pages has she read?

Answer: 84

4.) On Wednesday, Ms. Luna teaches 4 classes. Each class is 1 ½ hours long. How many hours does she teach on those days?

Answer: 6 hours

5.) A vendor earned P40 selling sampaguita garlands on Saturday. On Sunday she earned 3 times as much. How much did the vendor earn on the 2 days?

Answer: Php 160.00

6.) Ronald has eight 5-peso coins, twelve 1-peso coins and six 25-¢ coins. How much money does he have in all?

Answer: Php 53.50

C. 1-minute questions – 5 points each

1.) Melba has P95. Her sister has P45. After Melba bought a gift worth P25, how much more money does Melba have than her sister?

Answer: Php 25.00

2.) If you have 3 ten-peso coins, 11 five-peso coins and 5 twenty five centavo coins, write the money you have using the peso sign.

Answer: Php 86.25

3.) Our square garden has a side of 15 m. Our neighbor’s garden is 18 m long and 15 m wide. How much longer is the perimeter of your neighbor’s garden than yours?

Answer: 6 meters

4.) Which is greater and by how much? (P44 – P15 + P19) or (P41 + P21 – P13)

Answer: P41 + P21 – P13, by P1

5.) One side of a square table is 2 m. Three tables are placed side by side to form a rectangle. What is the perimeter of the figure?

Answer: 16 meters

6.) What is the sum of the greatest 3-digit number and the smallest 3-digit number you can form using the digits 2, 4 and 5?

Answer: 787

Clincher questions

1.) Mother has P30. She gave P5 to each of her 2 sons and bought a piece of soap for P12. How much money has she left?

Answer: Php 8.00

2.) A vendor sold 185 oranges on Saturday and 217 on Sunday. How many oranges did he sell on the two days?

Answer: 402

3.) Sixty-two pupils are in a school canteen. Twenty-five left and then 9 entered. How many pupils were then in the canteen?

Answer: 46

Do-Or-Die questions

1.) A vendor had 60 mangoes, 70 chicos and 45 oranges. He was able to sell ¼ of the mangoes, ½ of the chicos and 1/3 of the oranges. How many fruits was he able to sell?

Answer: 65

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