2007 Grade 2 MTAP Division Team Competition

2007 Metrobank-MTAP-NCR Math Challenge
Division Team Competition – Grade 2

A. 15-second questions – 2 points each

1.) If you subtract 16 from me the result is 29. What number am I?

Answer: 45

2.) What number ending in 2 zeros is nearest 6666?

Answer: 6700

3.) What is the remainder if 120 is to divided by 25?

Answer: 20

4.) How much more is 12 tens than 8 nines?

Answer: 48

5.) You can divide 12 into 3 equal parts by 4. By what number can you divide 120 into 4 equal parts?

Answer: 30 

6.) Three 100-peso bills and two 50-peso bills are equal to how many 20-peso bills?

Answer: 20

7.) What part of an hour is 20 minutes?

Answer: 1/3

8.) Nicole arrived in school at 6:30 a.m. and went home at 2:00 p.m. How long was she in school?

Answer: 7 hours and 30 minutes

9.) One-fourth of 100 is how much less than ½ of 88?

Answer: 19

10.) How long is one side of a square whose perimeter is 1/3 of 48?

Answer: 4

11.) A rectangular cake is divided into 8 equal parts. Three kids took 2 parts each. What part of the cake was left?

Answer: 2/8 or 1/4

B. 30-second questions – 3 points each

1.) Four dozen apples and 5 dozen oranges were given to a Girl’s home for Christmas. How many pieces of fruit were given?

Answer: 108

2.) Nora has ¾ of a pie. How many more fourths of a pie does she need to make 4 whole pies?

Answer: 13

3.) A school bus covers 4 kilometers to a school and 3 kilometers back to its station. How many kilometers does it cover in 5 days?

Answer: 35

4.) If you had a change of P20.25 from 2 P100-bills, how much did you spend?

Answer: Php 179.75

5.) Mother bought 5 dozen eggs. How many eggs were left if she used 42 eggs for a custard pie?

Answer: 18

6.) How many pies are needed to feed a class of 48 if each receives ¼ of a pie?

Answer: 12

C. 1-minute questions – 5 points each

1.) Which figure has a longer side: a square whose perimeter is 96 cm or an equilateral triangle whose perimeter is 7.5 dm? By how much?

Answer: Triangle, 1 cm

2.) A passenger jeepney had 18 passengers. At the 1st stop, 6 passengers got down but 3 passengers came up. At the 2nd stop, 5 passengers went down but 6 came up. How many passengers were in the jeepney when the jeepney left the second stop?

Answer: 16

3.) A magazine subscription costs P75.50 for 4 issues. In a bookstore, each issue costs P22.50. How much is saved by getting the subscription?

Answer: Php 14.50

4.) There are 150 scouts at a camp. If 3/5 of them are Senior scouts, how many are Junior scouts?

Answer: 60

5.) Three sons of Aling Rosa gave her their weekly earnings. Jovy gave P80, Nelson gave P60 and Nico gave half the amount given by his brothers together. How much did Aling Rosa receive?

Answer: Php 210.00

6.) Rose had 7 ½ dozen roses. She sold 65 of them. How many more roses has she?

Answer: 25

Clincher questions

1.) How many sixes are there in 48 and 54?

Answer: 17

2.) Liza baked 12 small cakes and Rita baked 9. They sold them for P35 each. How much did they get?

Answer: Php 735.00

3.) Mark’s Ninong gave him 50 balloons for his birthday. What is the smallest number of balloons does his sister need to buy so she can tie them 3 to a chair?

Answer: 1

Do-Or-Die questions

1.) Norma has P200. Ronald, her brother has P80 more than she has. A younger sister has P120 less than the combined money of Norma and Ronald. How much money do they have altogether?

Answer: Php 840.00

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