2004 Grade 2 MTAP Sectoral Finals

2004 Metrobank-MTAP-NCR Math Challenge
Sectoral Finals – Grade 2

A. 15-second questions – 2 points each

1) There are 48 pupils in a class. If 1/6 are absent, how many are present?

Answer: 40

2) What is the remainder when 97 is divided by 4?

Answer: 1

3) How many prime numbers are there between 10 and 20?

Answer: 4

4) Jasmin and Jack bought two pairs of shoes. Each pair cost P425, how much in all did they pay?

Answer: P850.00

5) Eight boys have P4.50 each. How much money do they have in all?

Answer: P36.00

6) How many hours are there in 2 ½ days?

Answer: 60

7) Our class library has 5 kinds of books. There are 98 books of each kind. How many books do we have?

Answer: 490

8) A kilo of mangoes costs P75. How many whole numbers of kilos can I buy for P500?

Answer: 6

9) During a school program, 128 seats are occupied but 15 pupils are standing. How many are attending the program?

Answer: 143

10) If the 3 in 4358 is change to 7, by how many is the new number increased?

Answer: 400

11) What is 9 more than the difference of 51 and 33?

Answer: 27

B. 30-second questions – 3 points each

1) One morning, a vendor sold 3 ½ dozen mangoes and 4 dozen chicos. How many fruits did the vendor sell?

Answer: 90

2) Nina has 78 U.S. stamps. She has 2/3 as many Japanese stamps. How many foreign stamps has she?

Answer: 130

3) Nellie has 25 P5-coins and Liza has 9 P10-coins. How much more money does Nellie have than Liza?

Answer: 35

4) Randy went to a ballgame at 12:30 p.m. and arrived home at 8:15. How long was he out?

Answer: 7 hours, 45 minutes

5) The smallest divisor (other than 1) of 18 and 30 is 2. What is the biggest divisor or 18 and 30?

Answer: 6

6) Kris had read 3/7 of her book that has 182 pages. How many more pages has she to read?

Answer: 104

C. 1-minute questions – 5 points each

1) Mrs. Santos paid her water bill with 9 P20-bills, 6 P5-coins and 5 25¢-coins. How much was his water bill?

Answer: P 211.25

2) A gardener harvested 264 carrots. He bundled them in three’s and sold all. He sold each bundle for P15. How many in all did he get?

Answer: P 1, 320.00

3) A sandwich costs P14 and a coke costs P8.50. If I have a P100-bill how many of my friends and myself can have a sandwich and coke?

Answer: 4

4) A playground is 75 m by 65 m. If I jog around it 9 times, how many meters will that be?

Answer: 2,520 m

5) Miguel had a P500-bill. He changed half of it into 10-peso coins and the rest in 5-peso coins. How many coins he get?

Answer: 75

6) Cynthia saves P10.50 a week. How many weeks does she need to save to buy herself a blouse worth P165?

Answer: 16 weeks

Clincher questions

1) One third of 90 is how much more than ¼ of 80?

Answer: 10

2) What is tenth number in the pattern 47, 42, 37, 32, …?

Answer: 2

3) A janitor is arranging 152 chairs, 12 chairs to a row. The last row is not full. How many more chairs are needed to fill up the last row?

Answer: 4

Do-Or-Die questions

1) Five oranges and one apple cost P66. One orange and 5 apples cost P54. How much do 5 oranges and 5 apples cost?

Answer: 100

2) Mother saved P3570 from January to July. How much did she save each month?

Answer: 510

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