Grade 5 MTAP Regional Finals Round (Team Oral)

These are the Math Challenge Questions for Grade 5 Regional Finals.
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15-Second Questions

1.) What is the average of 9.45 and 9.55?

2.) What is the largest number that rounds to 27 500

3.) Find the biggest two-digit number that leaves a reminder of 3 when divided by 7?

4.) A train travels 75m in 5 seconds. How far can it go in 16 seconds?

5.) Write 4.625 as improper fraction in lowest term.

6.) How long does it take a cyclist to cover 50km at a speed of 12.5km/hr?

7.) Dave gave Ken half of his marbles. Ken gave Pete half of the marbles he received from Dave. Pete kept 6 of the marbles he received and gave the remaining 10 to RJ. How many marbles does Dave have?

8.) Anne is thinking of two numbers with GCF of 6 and LCM of 36. One number is 12. What is the other number?

9.) The measures of two supplementary angles are in the ratio 2:3. What is the measure of the larger angle?

10.) Miss Cruz needs 2.5dm of ribbon for each certificate she is preparing. How many metres of ribbon does she need for 92 certificates?

11.) What is the average speed of a train that travels 448km in 8 hours?

12.) If 3 apples cost P25.00 and 3 ponkans costs P20.00, how much does a dozen of each fruit cost?

30-Second Questions

1.) If 32 mangoes out of 80 are not ripe, what percent of them are ripe?

2.) I used 1/3 of my money on Saturday and 2/5 of it on Sunday. I had exactly P28.00 left. How much did I have at first?

3.) One side of Square B is 4 times the side of Square A. What is the ratio of the area of Square A to the area of Square B?

4.) A cylindrical water tank has an inner diameter of 6dm and a height of 10dm. What is its capacity, to the nearest litre?

5.) Colored pens are sold in packs of 3 pens or packs of 5 pens. What is the least number of packs one needs to have exactly 51 pens?

6.) What is (1 - \dfrac {1}{2}) (1 - \dfrac {1}{3} ) \cdots (1 - \dfrac {1}{6}) (1 - \dfrac {1}{7} )

7.) How many 250mL bottles will fill a 5 \dfrac {1}{4} L bottle?

1-Minute Questions

1.) March 9 is Tuesday. What day is it 100 days from March 9?

2.) Form one 2-digit number and one 3-digit number using the digits from 2,3,5,6 and 7 only once to get the smallest product.

3.) There were 5 843 books in the library last Monday. During the week, 1 946 books were returned and 1 895 were borrowed. How many books were in the library at the end of the week?

4.) There were as many boys as girls in a room. When 12 boys left, the remaining boys became half the number of girls. How many children were there at the start?

5.) Two opposite sides of a square were increased by 6cm while the other sides were each decreased by 6cm. How much did the area change?

6.) The width of a rectangle is 8m and the area is 96 square meters. What is its perimeter?

7.) A bunch of new 50-peso bills are numbered consecutively from A23486 to A23500. What is the peso value of all the bills?

8.) Jake has P20.00 more than Pete. Ann has twice as much as Pete. Helen has P80.00. If the four kids have P204.00 together, how much does Anne have?

Answer Key

15-Second Questions
1.) 9.5
2.) 27 549
3.) 94
4.) 240m
5.) 37/8
6.) 4 hours
7.) 64
8.) 18
9.) 108
10.) 23
11.) 56km/hr
12.) P180.00

30- Second Questions
1.) 60 percent
2.) P105.00
3.) 1:16
4.) 283
5.) 11
6.) 1/7
7.) 21

1-Minute Questions
1.) Thursday
2.) 25 and 367
3.) 5 894
4.) 48
5.) 36cm^2
6.) 40m
7.) 760 pesos or 750.00
8.) P52.00

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