2018 Grade 4 Math Challenge Questions

Below is the MTAP Math Challenge questions for Grade 4. You may use these questions as your reviewer for future competitions. The answers and solutions will be uploaded soon.

1.) The diameter of the Earth at the equator is 12756 km. What is the place value of the digit 2?

2.) Arrange the following in decreasing order:43367, 43637, 43763, 43376.

3.) Guimaras is one of the tourist destinations in the country and it is known for its sweet mangoes. Below are the weights of four mangoes in kg. Arrange the following weights from lowest to highest: 0.4001, 0.41, 0.401, 0.411

4.) On a certain celebration, a square chocolate cake 40 cm on a side can serve 40 children. How many children can be served by the same square cake, which is 60 cm on a side?

5.) Give a whole number which is neither prime nor composite. 

6.) Davao is known to be the country’s leading durian producer, and a durian tree may have a height of 46.78935. What is the place value of the underlined number?

7.) The number 16000 is rounded to the nearest_____.

8.) Mimi baked a chocolate cake. She gave \frac{2}{7} of the cake to Elaine and \frac{1}{5} to Melinda. What part of the cake was left with Mimi?

9.) The perimeter of a regular heptagon is 147 mm. What is the length of each side in cm?

10.) A car tank is \frac{1}{10} full. After adding 34 liters, it became \frac{2}{3} full. How many liters does it hold when full?

11.) Determine the area of the figure below.

12.) A rectangular cardboard has a width that is twice its length. If its perimeter is 360 centimeters, what is the area of the card board?

13.) A water tank is 5 yards high, 4 yards long, and 3 yards wide. A solid glass box which is 10 feet high, 8 feet long, and 6 feet wide is sitting at the bottom of the water tank. The tank is filled with water, what is the volume in cubic feet of the water in the tank?

14.) How much is the total monthly tax remittance of the mall? Refer to the table below:

15.) Fill in the blanks of the sequence: 3, 21, 9, 28, 27, 35, _____, _____, 243

16.) A fruit vendor sold 172 kilograms(kg) of mangoes on the first day. On the 2nd day, he sold 19 kg more than he did on the first day. On the 3rd day, he sold 22 kg less than he sold on the 2nd day. On the 4th day, he sold 15 kg more than what he sold on the third day. How many kilograms of mangoes did the vendor sell all 4 days together?

17.) In a feeding program for children in an evacuation area, \frac{2}{3} of the participants were 8 years old. Two-fifths of the remaining audience were 9 years old, and the rest were 10 years old. If there were 45 ten-years-old, how many children were at the feeding program?

18.) To develop the value of saving money, a 7-year-old Melchora is encouraged to “deposit” coins in her piggy-bank. She has 5 more 25-centavo coins than 10-centavo coins and has a total of Php 5.45. The total number of 25-centavo and 10-centavo coins is 32. How many 25-centavo coins does Melchora have?

19.)What is the value of 1∗1 if 3∗3 = 6, 4 ∗ 4 =12, and 5 ∗ 5=20?

20.) The sum of the ages of Karen and Kristel is 41. If Karen is 7 years older than Kristel, how old is Karen?

21.) The sum of 3 consecutive whole numbers is 84. What is the value of the smallest among the 3?

22.) Miranda is making square handkerchiefs for her friends. How much lace does she need for the 4 handkerchiefs with side 22 cm, and if she has to allot 0.5 cm for turning at the corners?

23.) What is the area of the shaded region?

Shaded region

24.) Two congruent right triangles are inside a 10 by 15 rectangle as shown in the diagram. What is the area of the shaded region?

25.) Determine the volume of the figure.

26.) What is the sum of the first 10 prime numbers?

27.) Mona,Sara,Tina,and Lily each ate a different kind of pizza afternoon snacks. After eating, there was \frac{1}{4} of the cheese pizza left, \frac{1}{3} of the Hawaiian pizza left, \frac{1}{2} of the pepperoni pizza left, and \frac{5}{8} of the vegetarian pizza left. Mona ate the most. Sara ate the least. Tina ate more than Lily. What kind of pizza did Tina eat?

28.) Francisca, a young employee, has a monthly take home pay of Php 10 000. She saves \frac{1}{5} of this, and spends \frac{1}{4} on her personal expenses. What fraction of Php 10 000 is left for her family’s expenses? Give your answer as a fraction in its lowest terms.

29.) Robbie decided to decorate his room. The total area of the walls was 78 sq m. If one roll of wallpaper can cover 5 sq m of the wall, how many rolls of wallpaper did Robbie need? Express your answer as a decimal rounded to the nearest tenths.

30.) Teodora stores coal in a rectangular prism container, which is 3 yards long, 2 yards wide, and 2 yards high. If coal costs Php 550 per cubic yard, how much will it cost to completely fill the container with coal?

31.) I am a parallelogram which is a rectangle and also a rhombus. What am I?

32.) Find the value of ? so that the volume of the solid figure below is equal to 396 cubic centimeters.


33.) Miguel is building a rectangular box for his project with volume 240 cubic centimeters. If the base of the box is 8 cm long and 3 cm wide, how high should the box be?

34.) A daughter is 10 yrs old. Her father is 4 times her age. After how many years will the father’s age be twice the daughter’s age?

35.) The sum of Rod and Wen’s ages is 48 years. Rod is twice Wen’s age. How old is Rod?

36.) How many hours and minutes are there between 4:15 am and 9:23pm in the same day?

37.) Lydia starts to read a certain book on December 1st. If she reads 9.5 pages a day, how many pages would she have read by the last day of December of the same year?

38.) How many 2.5 kg bags of rice canbe filled from a 50 kg bag?

39.) During a bookstore anniversary celebration, a pen costs Php5.50 each while a pencil costs Php 3.50 each. Apolinario bought an equal number of each item and paid exactly Php 72. How many of each kind did he buy?

40.) Write the number 23406 in words.

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