2019 Grade 1 Math Challenge Division Finals Questions and Answers

Below are the 2019 MTAP Grade 1 Math Challenge questions and answers. Solutions will be posted later. More reviewers can be found on the Past Tests and All Posts pages.

Part I: Questions


  1. In a street with house numbers 1,  2, 3,  until 100, Mark delivered flyers to all houses numbered from 25 to 57. How many houses got the flyers?
  2. Twelve friends came to Juan’s birthday party. Seven of them were girls. How many boys went to Juan’s birthday party?
  3. In the number pattern 41, 37, 33, 29,___, what number should be on the blank?
  4. Carlos has thirteen10-peso coins. How much money does Carlos have?
  5. Dino bought packs of noodles worth Php54.How much change will he get from Php100?
  6. A   red ribbon is 35 centimeters long. A yellow ribbon is 15 centimeters long.  What is the total length of the ribbons?
  7. Nena cuts a pizza into 3 equal parts. Then she cut each part into halves. What part of the whole pizza is one piece?
  8. It takes half an hour for Joan to walk half of the way from school to home. If Joan maintains the same speed, how long does it take her to walk to school from home?
  9. Some monkeys were climbing a rope one by one. The biggest monkey was in the middle and is the eighth from the last. How many monkeys were on the rope?
  10. Sonny needs 45 minutes to finish his project. If he starts at 4:30 pm what time will he end?
  11. Janice puts only ₧10-coins in her piggy bank. When she opened her piggy bank, she counted 86 coins altogether. How much money does she have?


  1. What is the sum of the largest two-digit number and the smallest three-digit number?
  2.  How much less is six pesos  and fifty centavos than ten pesos?
  3. Doggie is 1year and 3 months old now.In how many months will Doggie be 2years old?
  4. In Shoeland,  a centipede needs one shoe for each of its 100 feet. It has 25 pairs of shoes now. How many more shoes does the centipede need?
  5. There were 11 flags on a straight track of a race. The first one was at the starting point and the last one at the end of the track. The distance between each flag was 8 m. How long was the track?
  6. Mother ordered 2 pizzas and sliced each of them 8 pieces for Leny’s birthday. There were 14 children at the party including Leny. How many slices are left over if Mother gives one slice to each child?


  1. The entrance fee to a park is Php50 for each adult. The entrance fee for each child is Php15 cheaper than the price for an adult. How much will a family of 3 adults and 4 children have to pay for the entrance fee?
  2. Nico had 304 baseballs cards. He then gave some of his cards to Alex. Now he has 276 cards left. How many cards did Alex receive?
  3. Using the digits 1, 5, and 0, Pat wrote down both the largest and the smallest three-digit numbers that can be formed. She then solved for the difference between the two numbers. What answer did she get?
  4. Auntie went out to the yard and called all her hens and her cat. All ran to her and there were 20 legs. How many hens does Auntie have?
  5. The book I am reading has 120 pages. I read 36 pages on Monday, 28 on Tuesday and 32 on Wednesday. How many more pages do I need to read?
  6. Mrs. Garcia has three 100-peso bills and two 20-peso bills. How much money does Mrs.  Garcia have?


  1. A group of girls stand in a circle. Vina is the fourth on the left from Remy. She is also the seventh on the right from Remy. How many girls are in the group?
  2. A rectangle is 25 cm long and 15  cm wide.What is the perimeter of the rectangle?
  3.  Jose saves Php20 on the first week, Php25 on the second week, ₧30 on the third week, and so on. If this pattern continues, how much was his total savings on the tenth week?


In a mathematics test, the sum of Eva’s and Ivy’s scores is 172. Also, the sum of Eva’s and Maine’s scores is 175. If Ivy’s score is 87, what is Maine’s score?



  1. 33
  2. 5
  3. 25
  4. Php130
  5. Php46
  6. 50cm
  7. 1/6
  8. 1 hour
  9. 15
  10. 5:15pm
  11. Php860


  1. 199
  2. Php350
  3. 9
  4. 50
  5. 80m
  6. 2


  1. Php290
  2. 28
  3. 405
  4. 8
  5. 24
  6. Php340

Tie Breaker

  1. 11
  2. 80 cm
  3. Php425

Do or Die


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