2019 Grade 3 Math Challenge Division Finals Questions and Answers (with PDF)

Below are the 2019 MTAP Grade 3 Math Challenge Division Finals questions and answers. Solutions will be posted later. More reviewers can be found on the Past Tests and All Posts pages.


1.) What is the smallest whole number that can be rounded to 800?

2.) Three hundred forty is 78 more than what number?

3.) What number gives 1780 when added to 980?

4.) What is the sum of 5 hundreds and 20 tens?

5.) What is the largest whole number n such that when 3 × n is rounded to the nearest tens, will equal to


6.) What must be added to 4/5 to get a sum of 2?

7.) What is the largest number that can exactly divide 24 and 40?

8.) What is one-half of three-fifths of 60?

9.) Isabel has 1-peso coins and 5-peso coins in her bag and its total amount is ₧22. If there are 10 coins in all, how many Php 5 coins are there?

10.) Arlene has a basket of apples. Her mother gave her 4 apples more. Then she gave 5 apples to her sister. How many apples did Arlene have if she had 18 apples in her basket at first?

11.) A container is three-fourths full of water. When 6 liters of water were taken from it, it became one-half full. What is the total capacity of the container?


1.) The ratio of two numbers is 3 ∶ 7. If the smaller number is 21, what is their sum?

2.) Liza earned Php 4400 in one week. She gives her mother two-thirds of this amount and spends one-fourth of the money to clothes. How much money is left?

3.) The cost of 10 kg of rice is Php 475. How much is 3 1/2 kg of rice to the nearest tens?

4.) Mary has 60 bundles of flowers. She wants to place them in boxes. If each box contains a dozen bundles of flowers, how many boxes are needed?

5.) One number is two-thirds of the other number. If the larger number is 30, what is their sum?

6.) Terrie listed all the numbers from1 to 30. She was told to erase every third number. Then after erasing every third number, she was told to erase all remaining even numbers. What is the sum of the smallest and the largest number that were left?


1.) The weight of a basket containing 8 pieces of pomelo is 7 kg. A basket without the pomelo weighs

600 grams. How many grams is each pomelo if they have the same weight?

2.)  Maria bought a blouse that was originally sold for Php 420. It was sold at a price that was two-thirds of its original price. If she gave two 200-peso bills to the cashier, how much change will she receive?

3.) Teresa cuts a string into 8 pieces of different lengths. The shortest piece is 20 cm and the longest piece is 90 cm. If the length of the string differs by 20 cm in length, how long was the original string?

4.) What is the largest two-digit number that gives 7 as a remainder when divided by 8?

5.) Three boys and 3 girls went to watch a stage play. The total cost of the 6 tickets was Php600. After paying their tickets, each of the boys pays half of the girls’ tickets. How much was paid by each girl?

6.) The area of a rectangle is 96 cm2. If the width is 12 cm, what is the perimeter of the rectangle?


1.) What is the sum of the digits of the product of 123 and 6?

2.) 15 is one-third of 50% of what number?

3.) Marie and Kristel had Php 478 together. They decided to save one-half of this amount. Then they went out for a lunch together and spent Php145. If they decide to divide equally the remaining amount, how much will each of them get?


1.) The area of the rectangle is 32 cm2. If its width is twice its length, what is the perimeter of the rectan-gle?

Answer key:


1.) 750

2.) 262

3.) 800

4.) 700

5.) 31

6.) 1 1/5

7.) 8

8.) 18

9.) 3

10.) 17

11.) 24 liters


1.) 40

2.) Php 1100

3.) Php 170

4.) 5

5.) 50

6.) 30


1.) 800

2.) Php 120

3.) 440 cm

4.) 95

5.) Php 50

6.) 40 cm



2.) 90

3.) 47


1.) 24 cm

If you want to download the PDF file, click here.

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