2018 Grade 1 Math Challenge Division Finals Questions and Answers

Below are the 2018 MTAP Grade 1 Math Challenge Division Finals questions and answers. Solutions will be posted later. More reviewers can be found on the Past Tests and All Posts pages.


1.) What symbol should replace the blank so that the following statement would be correct? 20 _ 11 + 9

2.) What number is equal to 20 ones + 4 tens – 5 tens?

3.) I started counting from 11 to 33: 11, 12, 13, … ,32, 33. The first number I counted was 11, and the last number I counted was 33. How many numbers did I count in all?

4.) A line and a circle are drawn on a piece of paper so that the line passes through the center of the circle. How many times do the line cross the circle?

5.) There is a group of children standing in a circle. To the left of Alex, between Alex and Nick, there are 4 children. To the right of Alex, between Alex and Nick there are 7 children. What is the total number of children in the circle?

6.) A ship was attacked by pirates. One by one they climbed a long rope ladder to get to the ship. The pirate captain was in the middle. If the captain was the sixth pirate to get on the ladder, how many pirates were there on the ladder?

7.) It is 10:00 o’clock at the moment. What time is it going to e in 30 hours?

8.) Ben is five years old. His sister, Betty, is seven years older than him. What is the sum of their ages?

9.) A shirt costs three times a cap. The shirt cost Php 240. How much does the cap cost?

10.) Paula has 20 pencils and Micah has 6 pencils less than Paula. What is the total number of Paula and Micah’s pencils?

11.) What is one-half of the sum of 4 and 14?


1.) Subtract the difference 70 and 40 from the sum of 20 and 80. What is the result?

2.) Gayle had 6 sandwiches for her and her 5 friends. She sliced each sandwich into halves. One friend got 2 slices. The second one got 1 slice, the third and fourth got 2 slices each and the last one got 3. How many hales of sandwiches were left for Gayle?

3.) A team of 3 pupils ran a 400-meter relay race. Jose ran 175 meters and Pedro ran 125 meters. How many meters did the last pupil ran?

4.) The perimeter of a square garden is 60 m. What is the side length of the garden?

5.) The last Sunday of a month was on the 28th of the month. What day of the week was the firs day of the month?

6.) Annie collected 28 empty bottles and Irish collected 23 empty bottles. They need to collect 90 empty bottles in all. How many more bottles do they need to collect?


1.) My monkey eats only cabbage and bananas. Last week he ate either 10 bananas or 2 heads of cabbage each day. If he ate a total of 6 heads of cabbage last week, how many bananas did he eat?

2.) Six boys are lining up to buy tickets. Let us call them A, B, C, D, E and F. Boy F is after boy A and before boy D and he is also between boy B and boy C. Boy B is the first in the line and boy E is the last in the line. In what position is boy F?

3.) How many numbers between 10 and 31 can be written using only the digits 1, 2, and 3, if the digits may be repeated?

4.) There were 660 people who attended the school’s Family Day. One hundred twenty-five of them were men, 330 of them were women and the rest were children. How many children were there?

5.) Write the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 on your scratch paper. Which two numbers should you erase so that the remaining numbers will add up to 37?

6.) Annie is watching a movie. It is 2 hrs and 20 minutes long. There were 10-minute previews before the movie. If the previews started at 2:30 PM, what time will the movie be finished?


1.) Lunch time begins at 11:45 AM. If lunch time is 45 minutes long, what time does it end?

2.) What is the sum of the smallest and largest two-digit numbers?

3.) Jane has two pieces of ribbon. One piece is 10 cm longer than the other. The total length of the two pieces is 40 cm. How long is the longer piece?


1.) How many two-digit numbers are there which do not contain the digits 0 and 1?

Answer key

1.) =
2.) 10
3.) 23
4.) 2
5.) 13
6.) 11
7.) 4 o’clock
8.) 17
9.) Php 80
10.) 34
11.) 9


1.) 70
2.) 2
3.) 100 m
4.) 15 m
5.) Monday
6.) 39


1.) 40
2.) 3rd
3.) 6
4.) 205
5.) 8 and 10
6.) 5 PM


1.) 12:30 PM
2.) 109
3.) 25 cm


1.) 64

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