2018 Grade 2 Math Challenge Division Finals Questions and Answers

Below are the 2018 MTAP Grade 2 Math Challenge Division Finals questions and answers. Solutions will be posted later. More reviewers can be found on the Past Tests and All Posts pages.


1.) There are 784 popsicle sticks, bundled in groups of 100. How many bundles are there?

2.) Each mango costs Php 30. If you have Php 200, how many mangoes can you buy?

3.) To cut a log into two equal parts, a logger had to pay Php 100. If a log is to be cut into 6 parts, how much should the logger pay?

4.) From one can of juice, Nena can make 6 glasses of juice drink. If she will have 26 visitors, how many cans of juice should she buy?

5.) How many more fifteenths are needed to make \dfrac {7}{15} into 1 whole?

6.) If three-fourths of a number is 24, what is the number?

7.) In the number pattern 33, 29, 25, 21, _, N, what is N?

8.) The first day of a month falls on a Monday. What day is it on 16th day of the month?

9.) A rectangular garden 9 meters wide and 12 meters long is to be fenced. If the posts are 3 meters apart, how many posts are needed?

10.) Train stations are 25 kilometers apart. While riding a train, Jerry counted 5 stations in one hour, one at the beginning and the fifth at the end. How many kilometers did the train cover in one hour?

11.) Alex sleeps at 8:30 in the evening. What time should he set his alarm clock to have 8 hours of sleep?


1.) Write the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 on your scratch paper. Which number should we remove so that the sum of the remaining eight numbers would be 36?

2.) Alex has 12 marbles. One-half of them are blue. One-third of the rest is white. How many marbles are not colored blue or white?

3.) There are two pieces of ribbon. One piece is 15 cm longer than the other. The total length of the two pieces is 45 cm. How long is the longer piece?

4.) Rita arranged 18 roses for her mother’s party. She put 4 roses in each pink vase and 2 roses in each white vase. If she used 3 pink vases, how many white vases did she use?

5.) Teacher sent 14 girls and 12 boys in the library. If \dfrac {1}{7} of the girls and \dfrac {1}{4} of the boys are not reading, how many children are reading?

6.) Remi had Php __. She spent one-third of her money in one store. She spent another third of her money in another store. After going to the next store, she had only Php 5 left. How much did she spend in the last store?


1.) Jim delivers letters in a building. He started on the first floor and went up 4 floors. He went down 2 floors and up 3 floors. Then he was 12 floors away from the top of the building. How many floors has the building?

2.) The jogging lane of a park is a square with side length 50 meters. How many complete rounds must a jogger go round the square to make sure he has run 2 kilometers?

3.) Bert has 4 pieces of wood with a total length of 35 decimeters. Three of the pieces are of the same length and one piece is 8 decimeters long. How long is each of other pieces?

4.) Kay bought three gifts for her friends. The first gift costs Php 180. The second gift costs Php 30 more than the first. The third gift costs Php 10 less than the first. How much did she spend for the three gifts?

5.) How many two-digit numbers are there in which the tens digit is greater than the ones digit?

6.) If we were to choose two numbers between 9 and 13 and add them, how many different possible sums would we get?


1.) If 7 days ago was Friday, what day will it be 3 days from today?

2.) A rectangular school yard is 60 m long and 45 m wide. If you walk around it twice, how many meters would that be?

3.) There are 54 pupils in a class. Four-ninths of them are girls and \dfrac {3}{8} of the girls are scouts. How many girls in the class are girl scouts?


1.) There are 15 tables in a snack bar. Some tables can seat 6 people while some can seat 4 people. If a maximum of 76 people can be seated in a snack bar, how many 6-people tables does the snack bar have?

Answer key

1.) 7
2.) 6
3.) Php 500
4.) 5
5.) 8
6.) 32
7.) 13
8.) Tuesday
9.) 14
10.) 100 km
11.) 4:30 AM


1.) 9
2.) 4
3.) 15 cm
4.) 3
5.) 21
6.) Php 75


1.) 18
2.) 10
3.) 9 dm
4.) Php 560
5.) 45
6.) 3


1.) Monday
2.) 420 m


1.) 8

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