2018 Grade 3 Math Challenge Division Finals Questions and Answers

Below are the 2018 MTAP Grade 3 Math Challenge Division Finals questions and answers. Solutions will be posted later. More reviewers can be found on the Past Tests and All Posts pages.


1.) Marco has Php 750. He wants to buy two shirts. One costs Php 440, while the other costs Php 520. How much more money does he need to buy the shirts?

2.) The difference between two numbers is 2500. If the smaller number is 3500, what is the larger number?

3.) In a fun run activity, Melody ran 25 minutes. Oman ran 8 minutes longer than Melody did. What is the total number of minutes spent by Melody and Oman?

4.) The first four terms of a sequence are 1, 3, 6, 10. What is the 7th term?

5.) Mr. Legazpi earned Php 9500 last month. He spent Php 2775 on food and Php 3300 on other things. How much money was left to him?

6.) Maymay made 117 crisp banana rolls. She gave away 12 rolls and sold the rest at Php 5 each. How much money did she earn?

7.) How much money is in your wallet if it contains one fifty people bill, one twenty peso bill, three ten peso coins, one five peso coin, and three one peso coins?

8.) A water tank when 3/5 full contains 9 pails of liquid. If each pail has a capacity of 7 liters, how many liters of liquid can the water tank hold?

9.) Imagine a square array of 16 dots with 4 rows and 4 columns. If you use 196 dots to form a square array, how many rows and columns are there?

10.) Sheena read 12 pages of a book a day. After reading each day for 9 days, she still has 38 pages to read. How many pages were there in the book?

11.) A microwave costs Php 5470. An oven toaster is Php 3250 cheaper than the microwave. Mrs. Amorsolo bought both the microwave and the oven toaster. How much did she pay?


1.) A box with six same books weighs 8000 grams. The box alone weighs 500 g. Find the weight of each box in kilograms.

2.) Jay has less than 100 dalandans. If he evenly groups them into 10’s, he will have 8 dalandans left. If he evenly groups them into 7’s, he will have only one dalandan left. How many dalandans does Jay have?

3.) Romeo weighs 27 kg. His younger brother weighs 10 kg less. Their father’s weight is two times their total weight. What is their father’s weight?

4.) A watermelon is 5 times as heavy as a melon. If the melon weighs 420 g, find the weight of the watermelon in kilograms.

5.) The length of a rectangle field is 63 meters and its width is 26 meters. Maya ran around the field three times. How far did she run?

6.) What is the sum of the first 50 whole numbers?


1.) Celina bought some pencils for Php 195. If the cost per pencil would be reduced by Php 3, she would get 5 more pencils by paying Php 5 more. How much did Celina pay for each pencils?

2.) The table shows the number of kilogram of apples sold in one week in a particular fruit store. What is the average number of kilograms sold by the owner per day in this particular week?

3.) In the figure, all edges meet at right angles. Find the perimeter.

4.) A rectangle and a square have the same perimeter. If the area of the square is 36 cm^2 , and the length of the rectangle is 3 more than twice its width, what is the area of the rectangle?

5.) A rectangular garden measures 21 meters by 15 meters. A wooden path, which is 2 meters wide, is build around it. What is the area of the path?

6.) Burnham Park records the number of persons per car who enter the park. Yesterday, 57 cars had 4 persons, 61 cars had 2 persons, 9 car had 1 person, and 5 cars had 5 persons. What is the average number of persons per car yesterday? Round your answer to the nearest person.


1.) There are 36 ducks in a poultry farm. There are 6 times as many chickens as ducks. How many more chickens are there than ducks?

2.) Sharon took her pulse for 5 seconds and counted 6 beats. What is Sharon’s pulse rate in beats per minute?

3.) Paulo goes to the music studio every fourth day, while Miranda’s routine is to go every third day. Today is Saturday and both Paulo and Miranda are at music studio. What day of the week next week will both of them be at the music studio next?


1.) A tour bus picks up a group of tourists at a hotel. The bus travels 2 blocks north, 2 blocks east, 1 block south, 2 blocks east, and 1 block south. How far is the bus from the hotel?

Answer key

1.) Php 210
2.) 6000
3.) 58 minutes
4.) 28
5.) Php 3,425
6.) Php 525
7.) Php 108
8.) 105 liters
9.) 14 rows and 14 columns
10.) 146 pages
11.) Php 7,690


1.) 1.25 kilograms
2.) 78
3.) 88 kg
4.) 2.1 kg
5.) 534 meters
6.) 1275


1.) 13
2.) 14 kilograms
3.) 92 cm
4.) 27 cm^2
5.) 160 m^2
6.) 3 persons


1.) 180
2.) 72 beats per minute
3.) Thursday


1.) 4 blocks

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