2018 Grade 6 Math Challenge – National Level – Individual Orals

Below are the 2018 Grade 6 Math Challenge – National Level – Individual Orals questions with answers. More reviewers can be found on the Past Tests and All Posts pages.


1.) Paula bought a dress at 20%discount. If she paid ₧328 for it, how much is the dress originally?

2.) One-fourth of a number is two-thirds of 15. What is the number?

3.) Find the LCD of \dfrac{3}{10}, \dfrac{8}{15} and {11}{20}.

4.) In 4 years, Carlo will be twice as long as he was 4 years ago. How old is Carlo now?

5.) Yesterday, it rained \dfrac {2}{3} cm in the morning and \dfrac{5}{12} cm in the afternoon. How much did it rain altogether?

6.) The number 0.15 is equivalent to a fraction with denominator 40. What is the numerator of this fraction?

7.) What is the sum of thirty percent of 18 and one-half of 13?

8.) The perimeter of a square is 24 cm. If its sides are increased by 50%, what is the area of the new square?

9.) One hundred and eight jars can be packed into six identical boxes. Using the same packaging requirement, how many boxes are needed to pack 144 jars?

10.) Nicole can type a symbol (including space) on her cellphone at an average time of 0.4 second. How long will she finish typing the phrase MATH CHALLENGE 2018?


1.) Compute:
\left(  \dfrac{2}{5} - \dfrac {3}{10} \right) \div \left( \dfrac{1}{2} + \dfrac {4}{5} \right)

2.) The sum of two numbers is 35 and their difference is 9. What is the bigger number?

3.) A tank is two-thirds full of water. Twenty liters were taken from it, and the tank was then \dfrac{3}{7} full. How much water should be poured into it to make it half full?

4.) On a long street, Paula walked for 45 minutes for 3 km/h. Then she ran for half an hour, and she found out that she is now 6 km from the starting point. How fast did she run?

5.) Bert can finish mowing the grass of a football field 4 hours, while Randy can finish it in 7 hours. What part of the field is not yet mowed after they worked together for 2.5 hours?


1.) The hottest temperature recorded in Philippine history was 107.96 °F in Tuguegarao City on May 11, 1969. What is this temperature in degrees Celsius?

2.) During the start of school last year, there were 18 girls and 24 boys in Mrs. Garcia’s class. In the middle of the year, six pupils transferred to another school, and the ratio of girls to boys became 4 ∶ 5. How many boys transferred to another school?

3.) What is the difference between the sum of all even counting numbers less than 201 and the sum of all odd counting numbers less than 201?

4.) A number is decreased by 30%, and the resulting number is then increased by 12.6. If the final number is 21 less than the original number, what is the original number?

5.) Today is March 25. Nico will celebrate his birthday 100 days from now. When is Nico’s birthday?

Answer key:


1.) P410
2.) 40
3.) 60
4.) 12
5.) \dfrac{13}{12} cm
6.) 6
7.) 11.9
8.) 81cm²
9.) 8
10.) 8 seconds


1.) \dfrac{1}{13}
2.) 22
3.) 6 liters
4.) 7.5 km/h
5.) \dfrac{1}{56}


1.) 42.2° C
2.) 4
3.) 100
4.) 112
5.) July 2

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