2018 Grade 6 Math Challenge – National Level – Team Orals

Below are the 2018 Grade 6 Math Challenge – National Level – Team Orals questions with answers. More reviewers can be found on the Past Tests and All Posts pages.


1.) A businessman buys sacks of rice at ₧1600 per sack, and sells them 120% up the price. How much is he selling each sack of rice?

2.) When \dfrac {2}{3} is added to a number, the result is 1\dfrac {1}{6}. What is the number?

3.) The sum of the first twenty counting numbers is 210. Find the sum of the next twenty counting numbers.

4.) The length of a rectangle is twice its width. If its perimeter is 24 cm, what is its area?

5.) The least 3-digit number that is a multiple of 40 is 120 and the largest is 960. How many 3-digit multiples of 40 are there?

6.) A man jogs from his houses to his friend’s house at 4 km/h and back at 6 km/h.The entire journey takes 45 minutes. Find the distance between the man’s house and his friend’s.

7.) The sum of four consecutive odd numbers is 96. What is the largest number?

8.) Ken started playing basketball at 10:33 am, and stopped at 2:29 pm. How many minutes was he playing?

9.) On a map, 3 cm represents 25 km. How far apart are two cities if they are 6.6 cm apart on the map?

10.) When the fraction \dfrac{3}{43} is expressed as a decimal, what is the first nonzero digit after the decimal point?


1.) The fastest land animal is the cheetah. It can reach a speed of 120.7 km/h. What is this speed in meters per minute? Round your answer to a whole number.

2.) A company finds 15 defective items in a box of 800 items. At this ratio, how many defective items can be expected in a box of 2560 items?

3.) If the sum of two numbers is 24 and their difference is 96, what is their product?

4.) A boy is 22 years younger than his father. In 2 years time, the sum of their ages will be 54. Find the present ages of the father and the son?

5.) Diana is solving a math problem. By mistake, she multiplied by 12 then divided by 8 instead of multiplying by 8 and then dividing by 12. If she got 2 as an answer, what should have been the correct answer?


1.) A standard traffic light turns green then yellow then red, then green, yellow, red, and so on. What is the 2018th light?

2.) If the length of each side of a cube is increased by x%, the volume is increased by 174.4%. What is x?

3.) A farmer has chickens and goats. Altogether, the animals have 60 heads and 156 legs. How many of each animal does he have?

4.) What fraction of all the 3-digit numbers are not divisible by 9?

5.) A 180-page book has the same number off photos on each page. If the number of photos were reduced by 3 on each page, the number of pages would need to be increased by 30. How many photos are there all in all?


1.) If 73 is one more than twice a number, what is 50% of the number?

2.) Given that \dfrac {1}{2} + \dfrac {1}{3} +\dfrac {1}{4} +\dfrac {1}{5} +\dfrac {1}{6} = \dfrac{29}{20}, what is \dfrac {1}{2} + \dfrac {2}{3} +\dfrac {3}{4} +\dfrac {4}{5} +\dfrac {5}{6}?

3.) Two tanks contain an equal amount of water. When a pipe is attached between them, 4000 liters of water flows from one tank into the other, making the other tank contain six times more water than the first tank. How many liters of water did each tank contain originally?

Do or Die

1.) Find the whole numbers M, N, P and Q for which M + N = 15, M \times n = 36, P \times Q = 84 and Q = M + 18.

Answer key:


1.) P1920
2.) \dfrac{1}{2}
3.) 610
4.) 32cm²
5.) 22
6.) 1.8 km
7.) 27
8.) 236 minutes
9.) 55 km
10.) 6


1.) 2012 m/min
2.) 48
3.) -2160
4.) Father: 36 years old, Son: 14 years old
5.) \dfrac{8}{9}


1.) Yellow
2.) 40%
3.) 18 goats, 42 chickens
4.) \dfrac{8}{9}
5.) 3780


1.) 18
2.) \dfrac{71}{20}
3.) 5600 liters

Do or Die

1.) M = 3, N = 12, P = 4, Q = 21

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