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Grade 6 MTAP Reviewer Set 2

This is the second set of Grade 6 reviewers for the MTAP Math challenge.

1.) What is the greatest common factor of 3 and 10?

2.) The sum of two numbers is 26, their difference is 12. What are the numbers?

3.) A large cube is formed using smaller cubes as shown below. In the figure, how many cubes cannot be seen?


4.) Bimbo is twice as old as Miko. The sum of their ages is 54. How old is Miko? Continue reading

Grade 5 MTAP Reviewer Set 2

Below is the second set of MTAP reviewers for Grade 5 students. You may also use them for Grade 4 and Grade 6 students and possibly Grade 7 students. Good luck!

1.) Jim draw a triangle with one angle measuring 90 degrees. What could be the measures of the other two angles?

2.) What is 0.7 written as a fraction?

3.) What is the prime factorization of 36?

4.) Jasmine types 26 words per minute. At this rate, how many words can she type in 8.5 minutes? Continue reading

Grade 6 MTAP Reviewer Set 1

To those who are reviewing for the MTAP-Metrobank-DepEd Math Challenge, here are some sample questions with answers.

1.)  What is 1/5 added to 1/2?

2.) A P650 t-shirt is marked 20% discount. How much will you have to pay for the t-shirt?

3.) The circumference of a circle is 6\pi. What is its area?

4.) One number is twice the other. Their sum is 87. What are the numbers?

5.) The ratio of boys to girls in a class is 3:4. There are 42 students in the class. How many are boys? Continue reading

Grade 5 MTAP Reviewer Set 1

Below are sample Grade 5 MTAP reviewers to those who want to join the Metrobank -MTAP-DepEd Math challenge. Many of the questions here are patterned from actual MTAP questions.

  1. What is the remainder of 32, 486 divided by 11?
  2.  I am thinking of a number. If I add 52 and subtract 33, I get 27. What is the number?

  3.  What is the reciprocal of 0.3?

  4. What is the next number in the series 2, 5, 9, 14, 20, 27?

  5.  The area of a square is 625 square meters. What is its perimeter? Continue reading

1st Problem Solved: The Bus Rent

This the first of the series of relatively hard problems for MTAP contestants. The problem below is probably good from Grade 4 to Grade 6.


The fee for a single person in Rideon Bus company is P1500 for a Metro Manila tour. If a 50-seater bus is rented out, the price for each person is reduced by 20%.


How many persons are needed for it to be a better deal to rent out the bus?


For each person, the discount is P1500 x 0.2 = P300.

Therefore, each person must pay P1500 – P300 = P1200 if 50 persons were to ride the bus.

Now, the price of the entire bus if 50 persons go is 1200 x 50 = P60,000.

Dividing 60,000 by the original price, we have 60,000/1500 = 40.

Meaning, 40 persons need to pay P60,000 which is the same as the price of renting out the entire bus.

Correct Answer: 40 persons