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2013 Grade 7 Math Challenge – Elimination Round with answer key – Part II

Below are the 2013 Grade 7 Math Challenge – Elimination Round questions and answers – Part II. More reviewers can be found on the Past Tests and All Posts pages.

26.) In Teacher Ella’s class, a student receives a final grade of A if the student garners an average of at least 92% in the five long test. After four long test, Jonathan got an average of 91%. At least how much should he get in the last long test to get a final grade of A?

27.) What is the largest prime factor of 2013?

28.) A class of 47 students took examinations in Algebra and in Geometry. If 29 passed Algebra, 26 passed Geometry, and 4 failed in both subjects. How many passed both subjects?

29.) A runner started a course at a steady rate of 8 kph. Five minutes later, a second runner started the same course at 10 kph. How long did it take for the second runner to overtake the first?

30.) A rectangle has sides (2x +3) cm and (4x + 5) cm. How many squares of side x cm can be cut from it?

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MTAP Reviewer PDF Downloads will be available soon!

Hi guys. This is to inform you that I will be posting some pdf downloads of MTAP Questions in the near future. If you have files that you want to share, kindly email it to