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2019 Grade 1 Math Challenge Division Finals Questions and Answers

Below are the 2019 MTAP Grade 1 Math Challenge questions and answers. Solutions will be posted later. More reviewers can be found on the Past Tests and All Posts pages.

Part I: Questions


  1. In a street with house numbers 1,  2, 3,  until 100, Mark delivered flyers to all houses numbered from 25 to 57. How many houses got the flyers?
  2. Twelve friends came to Juan’s birthday party. Seven of them were girls. How many boys went to Juan’s birthday party?
  3. In the number pattern 41, 37, 33, 29,___, what number should be on the blank?
  4. Carlos has thirteen10-peso coins. How much money does Carlos have?
  5. Dino bought packs of noodles worth Php54.How much change will he get from Php100?
  6. A   red ribbon is 35 centimeters long. A yellow ribbon is 15 centimeters long.  What is the total length of the ribbons?
  7. Nena cuts a pizza into 3 equal parts. Then she cut each part into halves. What part of the whole pizza is one piece?
  8. It takes half an hour for Joan to walk half of the way from school to home. If Joan maintains the same speed, how long does it take her to walk to school from home?
  9. Some monkeys were climbing a rope one by one. The biggest monkey was in the middle and is the eighth from the last. How many monkeys were on the rope?
  10. Sonny needs 45 minutes to finish his project. If he starts at 4:30 pm what time will he end?
  11. Janice puts only ₧10-coins in her piggy bank. When she opened her piggy bank, she counted 86 coins altogether. How much money does she have?

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