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Problem of the Week 7

My apologies for not sustaining the Problem of the Week section of this site. Anyway, I’ll do my best to make Problem of the Week a really weekly post. This week, we are going to tackle two problems since they are quite easy. These problem are classified under the third Grade and were taken from Grade 3 Sample Problem Set 1, so these are actually very easy.

Problem 1

My uncle’s age is 7 more than twice my eldest brother’s age. My eldest brother is 19 years old. How old is my uncle?


The eldest brother’s age is 19. The uncle’s age is 7 more than twice the brother’s age. Now, twice 19 is equal to 38. Since the uncle is 7 more than twice, we add 7 to 38. So, the uncle is 38 + 7 = 45 years old. Continue reading