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Shaded Area – Square Inscribed in a Circle

The diagonal of the square inscribed in the circle below is 8cm. Find the shaded area. (Use pi = 3.14)

square inscribed in a circle









From the diagram above, we can get the shaded area by subtracting the area of the square from the area of the circle.

We let the diagonal of the square be the base of two the triangles. Next, we draw the height of one of the triangles. Continue reading

Problem of the Week 8 – Shaded Part

This is the eighth problem in our Problem of the Week.


Two semi-circles are placed inside a square as shown below. What is the area of the shaded part?

circle square shaded part


Solution 1

To get the area of the shaded part, we have to get the area of the square and then subtract the area of the two semicircles.  Continue reading