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2015 Grade 2 MTAP Elimination Questions with Answers

Below are the 2015 Grade 2 MTAP Elimination Questions. I will post the solutions of selected items later. Also, if time permits, I will redraw some of the figures.

1.) Mina, Vina and Mona had lunch together. Each girl ordered the P84 lunch special. Mina agreed to pay the bill. How much did she pay?
Answer: 252

2.) Nano and Milo went fishing. Nano caught 5 small fish and 3 big fish. Milo caught 3 times as many fish as Nano. How many fish did Milo catch?
Answer: 24 fishes

3.) Dianne’s bedroom has a bed with 4 legs, four stools with 3 legs each, and three chairs with 4 legs each. How many legs are there in all?
Answer: 28 legs

4.) Mother baked cookies and put them in 12 small boxes. She placed 8 cookies in each box and had 4 cookies left over. How many cookies did she bake?
Answer: 100 cookies

5.) Lorna, Sanet and Irene bought 12 candles each. However, because of the hot weather, 5 candles melted. How many candles did not melt?
Answer: 31  Continue reading