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2004 Grade 4 MTAP Elimination Questions with Answers Part 1

Below are the 2004 Grade 4 MTAP Elimination questions with solutions/answers. Although these are old questions, you can still use them as reviewer since the coverage of the quiz has not changed. I have written the solution to relatively hard problems, but I leave the easy ones to the coach and the student.

Note that even though I took a lot of time reviewing the solutions, I am only human. Please use the comment box if you see any errors.

2004 – ELIMINATION Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge (Grade 4)

Solve each item on scratch paper and write the answer on the blank.
1.) Round 23,503 to the nearest thousand.
Answer: 24 000

2.) What is the remainder when 7 893 is divided by 26?
Answer: 15

3.) Write two million, seventy-eight thousand, six hundred five in figures.
Answer: 2 078 605

4.) Three million is equal to how many thousands?
Answer: 3 000

5.) What is the biggest common divisor of 32 and 48?
Answer: 16  Continue reading