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2004 Grade 4 MTAP Elimination Questions with Answers Part 2

Below are the 2004 Grade 4 MTAP Elimination questions with solutions/answers (numbers 26 – 50). You can read items 1 – 25 here. Although these are old questions, you can still use them as reviewer since the coverage of the quiz has not changed. I have written the solution to relatively hard problems, but I leave the easy ones to the coach and the student.

Note that even though reasonable care was given to the accuracy of the solutions, the solver is only human. Please use the comment box if you see any errors.

26.) 6 2/3 is equal to how many thirds?
Answer: 10

27.) Change 8 7/12 to an improper fraction.
Answer: 103/12

28.) Change 128/11 to a mixed number.
Answer: latex 7 \frac{7}{11}$

29.Which is greater, 11/13 or 16/19 ?
Answer: 11/13

30.) Reduce 54/72 to lowest terms.
Answer: 3/4  Continue reading