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Grade 6 MTAP Reviewer Set 6

This is the 6th set of the MTAP Reviewer for Grade 6.

1.) What property says that for any numbers a and b, a + b = b + a?

2.) The product of 12, -3 and n is positive. What is true about the value of n?

a. n > 0
b. n < 0
c. n = 0

3.) One fifth of a number added to one fourth of the same number is equal to 18. What is the number?

4.) What is the value of 2 \times 4!? Continue reading

Grade 6 MTAP Reviewer Set 1

To those who are reviewing for the MTAP-Metrobank-DepEd Math Challenge, here are some sample questions with answers.

1.)  What is 1/5 added to 1/2?

2.) A P650 t-shirt is marked 20% discount. How much will you have to pay for the t-shirt?

3.) The circumference of a circle is 6\pi. What is its area?

4.) One number is twice the other. Their sum is 87. What are the numbers?

5.) The ratio of boys to girls in a class is 3:4. There are 42 students in the class. How many are boys? Continue reading