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Grade 7 MTAP 2015 Questions with Solutions Part 2

This is the second part of the full solution series for the MTAP 2015 Questions with solutions. You may also want to read the solutions for problems 1 – 10 and download the questions.

11.) Danny had some stickers. He gave 1/3 of the stickers plus 1 sticker to his brother. Then, he gave 1/3 of the remaining stickers plus 4 stickers to his sister. Finally, he gave ½ of what remained plus 3 stickers to best friend. He found that he had 4 stickers left. How many stickers did Danny have at first?

If we let x = number of stickers
\frac{1}{3}x + 1 = number of stickers given to his brothers. If we subtract the stickers given to his brother, we have  Continue reading