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Grade 6 MTAP Elimination Questions Part 1

These are the Math Challenge Questions for Grade 6 Elimination Round questions 1-25. Questions 25 – 26 can be found here.
More past tests can be found here and more Grade 6 reviewers can be found here. If you have old tests, kindly send it to mtapreviewers@gmail.com, so we can share it here with answers/solutions.

Solve each problem. Draw a figure to help you when necessary.
1.) What number is 27 more than difference of 95 and 36?

2.) Use exponents to express 5 040 as a product of prime factors.

3.) What is the value of 7 in 974 485 465?

4.) The smallest number that has 12, 30 and 36 as factor is _____.

5.) What is the reciprocal of 5 3/7?  Continue reading