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2018 Grade 4 Math Challenge Questions

Below is the MTAP Math Challenge questions for Grade 4. You may use these questions as your reviewer for future competitions. The answers and solutions will be uploaded soon.

1.) The diameter of the Earth at the equator is 12756 km. What is the place value of the digit 2?

2.) Arrange the following in decreasing order:43367, 43637, 43763, 43376.

3.) Guimaras is one of the tourist destinations in the country and it is known for its sweet mangoes. Below are the weights of four mangoes in kg. Arrange the following weights from lowest to highest: 0.4001, 0.41, 0.401, 0.411

4.) On a certain celebration, a square chocolate cake 40 cm on a side can serve 40 children. How many children can be served by the same square cake, which is 60 cm on a side?

5.) Give a whole number which is neither prime nor composite.  Continue reading

Grade 1 MTAP Reviewer Set 2

If you are preparing for the MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge for Grade 1, below are some of the questions that might help you in your review. Of course, this reviewer is also good for higher grades.

Please use the comment box below if you have some questions.

Grade 1 MTAP Reviewer – Set 2

1.) What is the sum of the 83 and 49?

Answer: 132. Continue reading

Grade 3 MTAP Sample Problem Set 1

If you are going to join the Metrobank-MTAP-Math Challenge, below are some of the sample questions. These questions were given for Grade 3 pupils, but they can also be a reviewer up to Grade 6. The answer key is shown after each number. I solved the problems on my own, so please comment if you have different answers.

Grade 3 MTAP Sample Problem Set 1

  1. What number times 7 and added to 8 equals 50?

  2. The perimeter of a rectangle is 76m. If one side is 16m, what is the other side?

  3. What two numbers have a sum of 25 and a difference of 3?

  4. What is the largest number less 1000 that is divisible by 8?

  5. Rose started doing her Math assignment at 6:45pm. If she spent 2 hours and 20 minutes on it, what time did she finish?

  6. Ponkans cost P7 each. How many can you buy for P100?

  7. A P.E. teacher has 48 pupils. If she lines them in 8 rows, how many pupils are in each row?

  8. My uncle’s age is 7 more than twice my eldest brother’s age. My eldest brother is 19 years old. How old is my uncle?

  9. A kilo of mangoes costs P 45. I have only P 100. How much more money do I need if I want to buy 3 kilos?

  10. What is 8/11 of 44?

  11. Add 19 to the differences of 45 and 28.

  12. Ricky has 84 marbles, 1/3 of the marbles are green, 2/4 are red and the rest are white.How many marbles of each color are there?

  13. How many 5 centavos coins pieces are equal to P 5?

  14. Rita and Kathy spent P 54. Rita, Kathy and Jean spent P 75. How much did Jean spend?

  15. Carlo bought 2 dozens of eggs at P42 per dozen. He sold it for P 6 each. How much did he gain?

Answer Key.

(1) 6

(2) 22

(3) 14 and 11

(4) 992

(5) 9:05

(6) 14

(7) 6

(8) 45

(9) P35

(10) 32

(11) 36

(12) 28 green, 42 red, and 14 white

(13) 100

(14) 21

(15) P60