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2019 Grade 4 Math Challenge Division Finals Questions and Answers (with PDF)

Below are the 2019 MTAP Grade 4 Math Challenge Division Finals questions and answers. Solutions will be posted later. More reviewers can be found on the Past Tests and All Posts pages.


1.) Find the number of the digit 1 in the numbers 1, 2, 3, . . . , 100.

2.) Admission tickets to a variety show costs Php 80 for adults and Php 50 for kids. The ratio of kids to adults is 5:2. If they paid Php 10,000, find the number of adults in the group.

3.) How large is a base angle of an isosceles triangle if its vertex angle is 52?

4.) The volume of a cube is 216 cm3. What is the total area of the faces of the cube?

5.) What is the largest 4-digit number that is a common multiple of 3 and 4?  Continue reading

Grade 5 MTAP Sectoral Finals Round

These are the Math Challenge Questions for Grade 5 Sectoral Finals.
More past tests can be found here and Grade 5 and 6 reviewers here. If you have old tests, kindly send it to mtapreviewers@gmail.com, so we can share it here with answers/solutions.

15-Second Questions

1.) Thrice what number is the same as the sum of 254 and 364?

2.) RJ pays P6.00 for a one-way ride to school. For how many two-way fares is P100.00 enough?

3.) For every 9 garlands that Liza can make, Rose can make 12 garlands. How many garlands did Liza make when Rose made 144?

Continue reading

2006 Grade 3 MTAP Elimination Questions Part 1

Below are the questions and answers of the 2006 MTAP Elimination questions for Grade 3, items 1-25. Items 26-50 can be found here.

1.) What is the value of the underlined digit in 54,587.

Answer: 4000

2.) 19,800 is equal to how many hundreds?

Answer: 198

3.) Write seventeen thousand, nine hundred sixty-four in figures.

Answer: 17, 964

4.) Write CLXXXVIII in Hindu-Arabic.

Answer: 188

5.) Write 97 in Roman numerals.

Answer: XCVII

6.) What is the missing factor in 9 × __ = 459?

Answer: 51  Continue reading