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Grade 1 MTAP Reviewer Set 7

1.) What is the best unit that can be used to measure the length of a pen?

a.) millimeter
b.) centimeter
c.) meter
d.) kilometer

2.) Karen has 32 classmates in school. If we estimate the number of pupils in school in tens, we can say that Karen has about ___ classmates.

3.) Which of the following squares is divided into three EQUAL parts?


4.) If I skip count by 3 starting from 3, what is the 7th number?  Continue reading

Grade 1 MTAP Reviewer Set 6

This is the sixth set of the MTAP Reviewer for Grade 1.

1.) What is the missing number? 12 – __  =  5

2.) Leah uses 24 beads to make one bracelet. Last week, she made 12 bracelets. How many beads did she use altogether?

3.) In a restaurant, for every cup of coffee, 2 teaspoons of sugar is used. If yesterday, the restaurant served 99 cups of coffee, how many teaspoons of sugar were used?

4.) If we skip count by 3, what number comes before 24?

5.) Which of the following units is used when you buy rice?

a. kilogram
b. gram
c. milligram  Continue reading

Grade 1 MTAP Reviewer Set 3

This is the third set of the MTAP Reviewer in Grade 1.  This can also be used as a reviewer for Grade 2 and some of the questions for Grade 3.

Grade 1 MTAP Reviewer Set 3

1.) What number is 3 more than 84?

2.) Which even number comes after 16?

3.) What is the missing number: 18, 23, 28, 33, ____

4.) If the time is 2:15, where is the long hand (minute hand) of the clock pointing?

5.) What is the place value of 7 in 837 234? Continue reading